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Voltage Stabilizer

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by Scotty, Sep 3, 2020.

  1. Scotty

    Scotty Platinum Level Sponsor

    This popped into my head once I ordered and installed it, figured I would ask. Please don't laugh:

    My S IV's Voltage Stabilizer looked pretty crusty, so I ordered and installed a new one. My IV was converted to negative ground and the VS that I removed might be original to the car, so my question is, should I have gotten a positive ground VS or am I correct in purchasing a negative ground one?
  2. junkman

    junkman Gold Level Sponsor

    Should be fine.
  3. mikephillips

    mikephillips Donation Time

    Yea, should only make a difference with the solid state type replacements you can get since those are polarity sensitive. The original ones used a metal strip that heated and cooled making and breaking contact so don't care.

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