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Upper Midwest Chapter Meeting- Invasion XI planning

Discussion in 'Upper Midwest Chapter' started by jack Bacon, May 10, 2010.

  1. jack Bacon

    jack Bacon Silver Level Sponsor

    The Upper Midwest Chapter will have a meeting May 11 Tuesday 6:30pm at Fuddruckers on the northeast corner of 494 & France Avenue in Bloomington. The agenda will be Invasion XI planning.

    We will be trying to come up with about 4-6 dates and several locations that might work for next year's Invasion.

    Come early for tire kicking in the parking lot.

    See you there!

  2. Tullamore

    Tullamore Donation Time

    Obviously I wont be able to make it but I can't wait to hear where the location will be.
  3. jack Bacon

    jack Bacon Silver Level Sponsor

    HI Steve,

    You can still have input. Right now will be looking at several dates and a location probably somewhere in southeastern Minnesota. Let me know any ideas you might have.


  4. Tullamore

    Tullamore Donation Time

    I was going to suggest the AutoMotorPlex in Chanhassen as a possible spot for a show.


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