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Tiger air cleaner subsitute

Discussion in 'Sunbeam Tiger' started by jumpinjan, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. jumpinjan

    jumpinjan Bronze Level Sponsor

  2. junkman

    junkman Gold Level Sponsor

    That air cleaner is gigantic, I had a customer put one on his Tiger and it was silly looking, not to mention the wing nut hit the hood.
  3. jumpinjan

    jumpinjan Bronze Level Sponsor

    It might be huge. I don't have a factory one here to compare.
    The aftermarket one is 21"L x 9.75"W x 2.25"H they said.
  4. Aladin Sane

    Aladin Sane Gold Level Sponsor

    20210314_122338.jpg 20210314_122327.jpg Here is what I plan to use on my alger. I do have a scoop, but have not had the car to test fit this.
  5. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time


    There is an accurate repro available of the AC filter housing.

    I think Rick stocks them.. If not Warren who posts here on saoca has them. I believe they are into the final few remaining of the production run of 400 or so.... Grab one now.
  6. Hoghead

    Hoghead Donation Time

    Warren made them. Buy it while you can
  7. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    Thanks guys we have like 25 left in the warehouse. If someone wants one to test fit or exact measurements let me know.
    First off a wing nut never was a stock fitment. A six sided nut is fine. Depending on the manifold and engine mounts determines the possibility of contact with the outboard edges of the housing. I run a 2"tall K n N with room to spare. But I don't run a spacer under the carb either Weiand Stealth manifold. Buy one make it a wall clock till you need it :)
  8. jumpinjan

    jumpinjan Bronze Level Sponsor

    I'll need one Warren, but I'm strapped for money right now.

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