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Sunbeam script or logo

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by socorob, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. mattinoz

    mattinoz Donation Time

    Hi Paul,

    yes please to mhourigan at bbetech dot com dot au. Thanks :)
  2. puff4

    puff4 Gold Level Sponsor

    Crikey, Matt, they're posted within this thread over here. Just download 'em, matey - no worries! :)
  3. Series6

    Series6 Past President Gold Level Sponsor

    Hey guys. I wasn't passing dispersions on them. Sorry if it sounded like I was. It's lack of computer skills on my part. :eek:
  4. mattinoz

    mattinoz Donation Time

    .....And just keep it zipped and I'm sure the flashing will stop...hehehe
  5. 66tiger289

    66tiger289 Donation Time

    Did anyone here receive a copy of the fonts discussed here. I sure could use a copy for a project I am doing.

  6. greenbeam

    greenbeam Platinum Level Sponsor

    Hi Steve, if you PM me your email address I’ll send them to you.
  7. 67Survivor

    67Survivor Gold Level Sponsor

    I'd like a copy of these please. I tried the link above, but it didn't work. Robfeatherby @ gmail. com
    Thank you
  8. Ken Ellis

    Ken Ellis Donation Time

    Google searches seem to result in links that may not be valid with the new forum. I noticed that a few weeks ago, but 'assumed' that maybe Google needed to re-index things, and those type of links would begin to work over time. I may be incorrect (!).

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