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  1. P. Scofield

    P. Scofield Bronze Level Sponsor

    Last edited: Oct 31, 2013
  2. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    we have been chatting about this on CAT Paul... it's certainly pushing the limits of basket case..
  3. George Coleman

    George Coleman Gold Level Sponsor

    Looks like a good Alpine V swap to me, i bet the X frame is all eatup.:cool:
  4. Chuck Ingram

    Chuck Ingram Donation Time

    Lets see what is what

    Grill.....................Big Bucks
    Air cleaner.............1700 as the one sold one bay
    Front end..............Good bucks
    Wheel trims............2000
    what ever else.......?????

    I'm sure it can be done.It is not for the average owner for sure
    I am working on my son's 53 Meteor that he never had a chance to work on.
    There is rust and then rust but it is body on frame.If it was not for the history of the car I think I would have passed.

    PROCRAFT Gold Level Sponsor

    Tiger mk2

    Im sure you could bring this back with a little work and a BUCKET FULL OF 100 DOLLAR BILLS
  6. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor


    Take another look at the Hard Top.... Man that thing in near or beyond economic repair.

    I bought one for $75.00 that was ten times better condition.

    As bad as I would like another HT I'd really have to have my head examined to tackle one in that condition.

    As for the rest of the car ..... there is nothingto be utilized but parts:eek:
  7. RootesRooter

    RootesRooter Platinum Level Sponsor

    As long as the firewall and tunnel are salvagable, it's a TAC'able Tiger, no matter how much other sheet metal is replaced. I know of at least one Tiger that's on its second set of Alpine skin thanks to driving boo-boos.

    Probably $40K to fix this one right.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2013
  8. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    I'm not sure you just need the cowl and tunnel.. I think this would swallow more than 40K if you weren't rebodying it. I am just not sure hoe much is left to weld to.

    What you have to owner is.. how long did these git's let the car sit outside in salty air? Or did they let it get flooded.. either way.. they have left it to rot without eve the most lax efforts at care.
  9. Warren

    Warren Silver Level Sponsor

    B382100504 is the sellers reported full vin. If some future buyer searches this vin he will find this thread.
    Technically TAC this rust never sleeps model doesn't make it anything else other than grandpas or Geronimos hatchet, which both of them had to handle changed and the head changed a couple times. There are a couple of good threads which deserve reading on this subject on CAT and UK Tiger.
    I doubt that there is any metal left on bottom of heater box where
    the TAC sticker now goes.
    If I was inspector I would decline to TAC the car on personal grounds .
    and yes my cars has a TAC.

    The 8 track is cool I had one of those in my 1968 International step van
    that was all tricked out in the surfer van theme of the day.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2013
  10. RootesRooter

    RootesRooter Platinum Level Sponsor

    I don't think there's any doubt its going to be rebodied. Fabricating and assembling all new pieces would cost a king's ransom.

    A tunnel & attached firewall alone have been TAC'd in the past, so this one wouldn't be setting a new standard. And there's probably enough remaining other identifiable, transferable areas (e.g. spare tire and battery area of trunk) to easily put it over the mark.

    Its only a question of whether the Tiger's important (TAC-worthy) surviving bits will be cut out and attached to an Alpine shell, or whether an Alpine shell will be cut up and the pieces attached one at a time around the usable Tiger core. Is there really a difference?
  11. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    What's the gripe when a 2.8 V6 or other engine and trans or even other modification are made to a Sunbeam that improve its performance then is no longer "Stock", if a car (if it can still be called a car) in such deplorable condition be re-bodied or a body be disassembled to put this (?) back on the road, why a Tiger?
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2013
  12. Warren

    Warren Silver Level Sponsor


    If the current MK2 price is over 75,000 to 100,000 those buyers would not blow that kind of dough on a re body car unless they have more $ then sense.
    The idea of posting vin is so when someone sees a bargain Mk2 with this vin they don't have to wait for a response from Norm or Graham et al holders of Jensen ledgers. Neither the BON or ledgers are searchable by a regular guy with a hot lead on a bargain.
    This car is in BON and its caretaker should be shot, apparently he knew it was a valuable car and wasted it anyway.
  13. Mike Armstrong

    Mike Armstrong Bronze Level Sponsor

    Yup, a Mark ll left to rot is a damn shame really. If I came across this hidden away at some estate sale down the street I'd buy it. If anything because I couldn't drive by knowing it was sitting there rotting away.
  14. 65beam

    65beam Bronze Level Sponsor


    anything can be repaired. I know of a tiger that had most of the X frame replaced along with front frame rails and other misc parts due to rust. we have an alpine that has a tiger MK 2 rear fender. he used it because it was the best he had and he didn't have to weld up the side trim holes. the details of what we did to my alpine and the extensive replacement of body panels to a rust free car are on my photobucket. it was easier to replace than try to work out some of the dents left from previous crash damage. if you look at the front floor panels of a tiger you will find the alpine floors still exist with some area cut out to fit the tiger tunnel. alpine panels can be added to the rusty body of any tiger and it's still a tiger. there are a couple pieces on the bulkhead area that pressed steel left off if the body was to be a tiger. other than a few things like this the panels are still the same. back when the cars were being sold and you needed a tiger fender they shipped the alpine part. the money involved is the usual problem standing in front of restoring something like this car. so it gets rebodied into an alpine by someone that knows the cars and it gets a tac sticker down the line. problem solved.
  15. sd_pace

    sd_pace Gold Level Sponsor

    I count only three wheel chromes
  16. Warren

    Warren Silver Level Sponsor


    We have slathered enough Tar and Feathers to the vin to prevent and advise subsequent owners and TAC guys too,
  17. Warren

    Warren Silver Level Sponsor

    Last edited: Dec 15, 2019
  18. jumpinjan

    jumpinjan Gold Level Sponsor

    HA!...why would one put on those stupid whitewalls? They NEVER came like that...thats very funny & stupid.
  19. puff4

    puff4 Gold Level Sponsor

    They need to do my "ignition light reverso" trick to restore that faded pink/orange ignition light back to red again.
  20. Warren

    Warren Silver Level Sponsor

    Or my done in 20 second red sharpie on the plastic sun bleached indicator ...

    It must be da gangsta white wall look dats hip mon :-D

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