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Media blasting my SIV

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by H One-Twenty, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. H One-Twenty

    H One-Twenty Donation Time

    Hello all,

    I'm getting a quote tomorrow for 'soda blasting' my Alpine SIV inside and out (all outer panels, under hood, floors/under dash and inside trunk).

    I'm interested in hearing peoples thoughts/experiences (pros and cons) on the various different media types (glass beads, plastic, soda etc.) and also on what a fair price would be for having it done.

    Any advice will be much appreciated

  2. lemansvk

    lemansvk Donation Time

    On the advice of a panel beater I had my car plastic bead blasted about 14 years ago. Panel beater and I were both very happy with the result - cleaned all paint (but not filler) off without any panel distortion. I have heard others say that you never get rid of the stray beads that blow into cavities, and that this creates havoc when painting, but we didn't find that the case.

    I suspect that much of ones satisfaction (or otherwise) comes from the proficiency and attention to detail of the people doing the blasting. I should add that ten years earlier I had a BMW 3.0Si sand blasted by the same company, with similar, excellent, results. The resultant paint job on that car lasted longer than the original factory paint.

    Cheers, Vic

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