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Bent old friend

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by mike757, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. mike757

    mike757 Guest

    Still trying to come up with a plan for my poor old bent friend of 40 + years. Does anybody know where or if one might get the frame specs. a shop might need to streighten my series V frame, if it turns out to be possible? Thanks MLH
  2. dmich2

    dmich2 Diamond Level Sponsor

    Mike. Go to the site below. (I'd save it for future reference.) Click on the " Click here for Workshop Manual". Then toggle down to the "O" section 'body' and click. Then click on "page forward" 3 times and you're there. Hope this helps.


    Sorry about your baby...:(

  3. mike757

    mike757 Guest

    Thanks Dennis. Cool! now all I have to do is find someone who can do it without breaking the bank.
  4. dmich2

    dmich2 Diamond Level Sponsor

    I suggest you query this forum to see if anyone in your area has knowledge of a shop to do this, and price. I'm willing to bet when you mention to a frame guy you have a Sunbeam you need straightened, they'll reply, "A What ???"

    Good luck

  5. mike757

    mike757 Guest

    Yep. and they'll tell me they don't do tosters. LOL mike

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