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Wiper motor ID and wiring question


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Putting wiring back in 65 Mk1 car. ? re. my wiper moter. - wondering if it is a single vs. 2 speed motor. Hoping to wire it up correctly and trying not to damage by wiring incorrectly. It does have 3 wires making me think that it could be a 2 speed. Any ID input or reference information would be appreciated. Web search results returned it may be our of a 1967 Triumph GT6. Thanks in advance.


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Here is a link I found thru web search that has some information on DR3A wiper motors. There are also a couple of entries in it that include some workshop manual information and parts catalog. Hope this helps.



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Notice the wiper motor is rubber mounted.....Lucas decided 12v+ to motor at all times and the dash switch turns ground off and on (go figure).....You will also notice a black wire from motor to ground....that is for park position......A 2 peed has 3 wires and a 1 speed has two I think