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Windshield wedges


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Anyone have a pic and dimensions of these? Mine were missing and I want to make some, or buy if someone has a good price.


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If you are referring to the wedges that go under the screen frame on series 3-v to adjust the angle you don't need them , buy the adjustable screen nuts from sunbeam specialties instead, they allow fine adjustment and won't crush over time.


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If you are still interested in pictures of the wedges I can provide them--- just not near my car now.

I have been told by experts that the adjuster nuts that the everyone seems to love are not necessary and that one would be better off returning the frame to its natural shape with a little bend here and a little twist there. It seems the windshield frame can be distorted from putting on the convertible top too tightly. Over time and use it bends some from being pulled to tightly.

I am in the process now of dash pad and windshield gasket replacement and the reason I can provide pictures ( no real professional advice) is because mine are exposed as I have not yet decided on which route to go.

My gut tells me to return it to the state in which I found it and reuse the wedges.
I will post the picture sometime tomorrow.

I hope this helps

Chuck Ingram

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Re the top pulling windshield frame.

Same top for many years. Shrinkage has pulled the frame a slight bit. Top is down for summer. Top,up,in the fall and till,spring. Released the back a bit
once before. Not too,worried


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I think a bigger issue then too tight top latches... say that 5 times real quick.... is using the top corner of the windshield frame as a grab handle climbing in and out of the car.

The main adjustment purposes for the wedges is setting the gap between windshield and wing glass frame. The wedges work perfectly as intended, as long as 50 years of being in place hasn't mashed them out of shape. I made mine work, but tightening,, loosening.. adjusting wedges.. tightening again... repeating as needed made for a lot of work setting that gap right. If I was to do it again, the adjuster bolts would be a worthwhile purchase.


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Know that my messurement are close but given the use, it is hard to be accurate.

Width 3/4 of an inch
Length 3.5 inches
Thickness 3/8 to 1/8

It is made of dense rubber -- little compression.

Just a note : when I disasembled mine, I also found 2 washers under the drivers side wedge.

I hope this helps
Sandy, Oregon


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Thanks everyone for the replies, helpful info.

My car had neither when I got it, and seeing the pics tells me I didn't get lucky with the loose parts that came with the car.

I definitely need to do one or the other as my windshield sits back a bit too far.
I assume the nuts will be the best way to go due to mine being a V.