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Who is going?

Discussion in 'SAOCA Regional Chapter News' started by TulsaAlpine, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. TulsaAlpine

    TulsaAlpine Donation Time

    Greater Ozark British Motoring Club

    9th Annual GOBMC Car & Cycle Blow-Out
    July 25-27 - Carthage Missouri


    Register on-line


    To HOT for me too attend and just a little too far down the road, also have my company picnic that Saturday, anyone else planning on attending this event?

  2. Alpineracer8

    Alpineracer8 Donation Time

    No dice on this one, Donna. However, we were thinking of taking the Tiger to the "Brits in the Ozarks" show in early September in Fayetteville. The jury is still out yet but it is on my radar. Have you ever been to this show? It looks like it might be a good one.

    Take care and tell Vicki hi for me,
  3. TulsaAlpine

    TulsaAlpine Donation Time

    Big Event

    They passed out the flyer/registration at the EuroEvent in Sand Springs so I have a registration form already. It is a big show I know the Local MG club tries to encourage the trip and September is a whole lot cooler. Have to watch the weather and maybe plan on leaving Friday afternoon instead of so early Saturday morning. I was suppose to be in California with Jim but the latest news is we will be flying back on Thursday so this may just work out. Looking at the judging class's for 2007 our Sunbeams do not have a class, wonder what they will lump me in with this time :rolleyes:
    Maybe if we both register the will have a Sunbeam class, yea that would be the ticket!

  4. BRZDAD67

    BRZDAD67 Donation Time

    New to Sunbeams

    Hi Donna,

    My name is Jamie. My daughter Breanna and I acquired a 1967 V6 Alpine last year. We're just now getting it running and plan to attend some local shows before the end of the cruise season.

    We're in Springfield, MO and looking for other owners in the area. I haven't been, but I hear Tulsa is only a couple of hours away. Perhaps we could make a trip to visit and see your car?

    If you think about it, keep me posted with the events in the area. We'd sure like to get more involved. Bree just graduated from high school and she found this car in a lot and asked me if we could restore it together. We've been having a blast with it so far. It's been a great family project.

    Hope to hear from you. I'll send some pics if you drop me your email.

  5. Alpine Bob

    Alpine Bob Donation Time

    Hi BRZDAD67 & Breanna,
    My son and I did a restoration to a 1963 GT3 as a father/son project and it came out real fine, award winner when ever he takes to a show. But being in the USAF not much time for car shows anymore. It was a wonderful time of bonding for us. My best to you all for a great time together and a great car. :D
  6. TulsaAlpine

    TulsaAlpine Donation Time

    Hey Jamie

    Somehow I missed you post, anyway you need to do me a favor see my daughter Heather works at that McDonalds on Glenstone in Springfield, MO the NASCAR one right off of I-44 you need to take the Alpine by for her to see! She still thinks she will inherit my Vicki the Alpine, LOL
    She is working days again, off today but the 10am to 8pm shift.
    email: TulsaSky@gmail.com
    The next big show is the one in September with Greater Ozark British Motoring Club:


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