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Welcome to the Pacific Coast Chapter

Discussion in 'Pacific Coast Chapter' started by napa 1, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. napa 1

    napa 1 Donation Time

    Well the Pacific Coast Chapter is officially under way. We're looking forward to having a Western US branch of the SOACA to further strenthen the club and allow us west coast folks to get our cars together and generally support each other's projects. One day we'll even have a meeting that rivals the one Bill mentioned in another thread. If you are in the west and want to have your name added to our member list, please email me at jp at napavalleyflowers dot com.
  2. daniel luna

    daniel luna Donation Time

    Insurance Problem

    Greetings Dear Members:
    I like to tell you that my car it running great
    but I have not been able to get registration
    Tags from DMV
    I have a agent that it is working on a policy
    for the Sunbeam Alpine but so far he has not
    found a Insurance Group that will take my car
    due to lack of Info and do not rate the car
    I have a good record 0 points.

    I will Appreciate all the Help.

    Sin Dan N Luna:confused:
  3. chris

    chris Donation Time

    It really should not be a problem. Over the years I’ve had my car insured with several different insurance companies. You might want to try talking with another broker or a company that specializes in classic car insurance
  4. napa 1

    napa 1 Donation Time

    My agent at State Farm has my Sunbeams insured with no problems. He didn't even bat an eye when I gave him all the info on the car. Hmm.
  5. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin Donation Time


    Sometimes a person has to go straigt to the company it self. I haven't depened on an "agent" for years except the state farm guy. As napa 1 says, just go , I took the car with photos and to the office, they came out and ask how much insurance, I said 10 gs' he said OK . Just do not race it and no normal around town driving it will cost you more.

    So we go to shows and parades,, This year I will go back for a new appraisal or raise in amount for 15gs' New photos and they have to look at it.
    BUT I have had State Farm for 40 years too.
    Chuck in Clackamas
    Series ll Pumpkin
  6. Ken Ellis

    Ken Ellis Donation Time

    I have mine with State Farm, also. It's insured and tagged as a regular car, so there are no usage limitations (except for racing). If it was a pristine, restored, hi-buck vehicle, or if there weren't any for sale anywhere, I'd probably go for collector's insurance. But every week I see comparable cars for sale, for prices that aren't insanely low or high, so the repair or replace decision isn't onerous.

    I'm going through the State Farm "totaled" process right now on another vehicle, and looking at KBB values, classifieds, and dealer prices, things are about where I expected them to be.

    I know my kid's going to be disappointed when he comes back from Scout camp, though!

  7. gearheadgirl

    gearheadgirl Donation Time


    Here is something I know about! I was a commercial insurance broker for years. You have two choices in insuring your car. You can obtain a classic auto policy. The advantage is that they will insure your car for an "agreed value". If anything happens to the car they will give you that agreed value for the loss. If the car is damaged but not completely lost, they have more experience in dealing with claims for the old cars and their special needs. You paid a rate based on the amount of the agreed value. (Bare in mind you may need photos and an appraisal to back up your value...unless it is reasonable and they agree to it without all that documentation.) Since can also uninsured the car...the alpine is worth $20K...you insure it for $10K keeping the insurance cost low and taking on the risk of the balance yourself. There are often restrictions on these policies about how much you can drive the car and in what circumstances. They really want the collector who is going to a show or a meet...not running to the grocery store.

    With standard auto insurance, they assess the value if the car is stolen or completely destroyed. Insurance is designed to get you back to the place you were before an event happened. If you have documentation, photos, etc. that prove your value you should have no problem as long as the value is truly what it is. This is not the insurance for the guy who put too much money into restoring a car and thinks only of the price he will get at Barrett-Jackson. Logic and reason must reign in this situation. I drive all my cars like normal cars. They are my daily drivers. They go to the parking lots with shopping carts. I drive then 10K plus miles a year. Because of this, I don't want my claim denied for any reason. I use Wawanesa Insurance. They are inexpensive and don't have agents...they deal directly with the insured. My Dad's alpine is $207 for full coverage for the year.

    I have had two claims for my '62 Chrysler wagon over the years. Both were handled very well. They paid for the repairs done by my own body shop. The parts that were "wagon only" (mind you Chrysler made just over 1400 wagons that year) and I had to get through friends in the 300 Club were not a problem. I presented an invoice and they were covered. I was happy. I have not had a total loss...but I was assured that they would check old car publications and take input from me in determining value. I am not concerned...it would take a lot to total one of my old cars...and they really don't get stolen all that much. I do fear fire and carry a fire extinguisher.

    Make your own choice, look at the collectors policies to make sure they will cover when and where YOU tend to drive the car. If you drive more or in more normal situations, consider a reputable regular auto policy. I don't have any experience with State Farm or the other standard carriers for personal car insurance...But, when I was an commercial insurance broker we had a nasty habit of looking down our noses at them as less knowledgeable. Some are, and some are amazing in their knowledge and ability to help you. If you have a agent or broker that has their own classic car, use them! They will understand your needs and concerns. Our agency handled insurance for Edelbrock, K&N Filters and other aftermarket parts companies...we all knew our cars at that agency and protected them. (But they were commercial only so not a resource for you.)

    If you have any specific questions, please send me a private message.
  8. thequick

    thequick Donation Time


    Wow, sorry to see the pic. The car would have been dry on the lawn...

  9. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    Congratulations DAN!!

    I happy to hear you finally got it running, and that it is running great.


  10. Pumpkin

    Pumpkin Donation Time


    After several look sees, and a note from that gearheadgirl, Jennifer. I re-looked at my policy from State Farm, it is printed right on the policy, Vehicle Value $15,000.00. Just don't use as a daily driver and racing is out:(.

    Sorry to see a wetter than needed car in the drive way.

    Well we'll be on the road today or marrow. IF this sudden thunder storm and showers stop...:mad:
    Cheers to all.
  11. TulsaAlpine

    TulsaAlpine Donation Time

    Just switched my insurance this month!

    Since my husband is over 50 and official member of the AARP we decided to check into that insurance, great deal the big savings was on the 06 corvette, guess they know us old geezers will not be street racing so the cost is low. Bad point was they do not insure classic cars, WHAT!
    So many have said that Hagerty is good so checked into it and yes it was a much better deal then our crappy Oklahoma Farm Bureau. Hagarty was easy old Vicki is insured for 10 grand not my daily driver and no racing. Big perk with Hagery is the Hagerty Plus roadside assistance, they even cover the trailer your towing the car on. The will give you 3 a year 125-mile tows, and you can use this tow on any vehicle you own. This assistance cost almost as much as the insurance but to my surprise all this coverage was still 20 bucks less then what I was paying Farm Bureau annually, Hagerty is $195.00 per year. When your saving almost a thousand dollars a year on insurance that goes a long long way!


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