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Weber Compliance Australia?

Five Reviver

Silver Level Sponsor
Does anyone know whether approval has ever been given in Australia (Motorsport Australia or CAMS) for variation from Motorsport Aus Series V specification to allow use of Weber DCOE 40's in substitution for Stromberg 150 CD's in a car for which a Group S logbook is sought?
I'm looking for help to retain my beautiful Webers.


Donation Time

As group S is production based its a big stretch.
Which state is the car log booked in?
On early cars you can swap twin zenith for twin SU of the same choke size... I belive some in QLD are trying to homologate a single sidedraft dcoe as its 2 chokes replacing 2 chokes...
But twin dcoe is 4 chokes feplacing 2.

In NSW i believe they homologated SIV cars with twin 40dcoe based on the siv having 2x40DCO carbs homogated in period.. But that was FIA level...

Five Reviver

Silver Level Sponsor
Hi Michael
Thanks for the response.
It’s not log-booked at all at this time and is road-registered in SA. I can only run in AASA Group S races by invitation eg as this year at Historic Winton. No chance of getting into Motorsport Australia races. I also can’t do unmodified road regd events eg Hillclimbs at State Championship level.
If I strap the Strombergs back on it won’t be as good a car but I can get a Group S logbook without the obligation to instal a fuel cell and rear firewall and compete widely, sans Webers.
If I leave on the DCOE’s, which will make me happy for obvious reasons, I’ll have fuel cell and firewall to attend to, neither of which I really want to do, and get it logbooked as 2B Marque Sports. I can then seek entries to Group S events by invitation, eg Sandown, which will be fine except if they’re filled with Group S cars.
So, there’s my dilemma.