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We ask for your prayers and a birthday card.


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Donation Time
Subject: Ansley

Help us celebrate a young lady's birthday, Ansley Arnette. Ansley will be 13 years old on April 20th. Ansley is the daughter of Tom Johnson's niece and she was diagnosed with brain cancer last July 4th. The tumor is inoperable and she endures chemo infusion every other week and oral chemo once a month. A once vibrant busy life, filled with school, dance and social life has changed to hospital visits, homebound schooling and random visits from friends. We are asking for birthday cards to be sent to Ansley, if you are so inclined. Please mention SAOCA or friends of Sunbeam Club in the card. We also would ask for Ansley to be included in prayers, again if you are so inclined. We believe Ansley will be that miracle child.

Thank you kindly, Tom J.
God Bless

Ms. Ansley Arnette
1861 Woodpoint Ct.
Lawrenceville, Ga. 30043

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Former SAOCA Membership Director
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Thank you so much for your thoughts

Ansley did indeed have a great birthday, in addition to receiving BOXES of birthday cards, she had her group of Ansley's Angels (her friends and classmates that started the Scamper against Cancer) to the house for a cook-out and general things that 13 year old girls do.

I would like to THANK (big THANK YOU) everyone for their cards, thoughts, and prayers, the outpouring of support from so many folks have really lifted a young persons spirits.

Again THANK YOU for your actions, Tom j