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Waxoyl and sound padding

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by ceecpa, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. ceecpa

    ceecpa Donation Time

    Anything better than Waxoyl for the inside of the doors (Series V)? And, I plan to use sound padding from Eastwood unless there's something better?

    Any comments are helpful.

  2. socorob

    socorob Donation Time


    I just used 1 can of this on my inner frames 2 weeks ago, I havent gotten around to using the 2nd can iI bought yet. The tube is so small it fits into the small drain holes in the bottom of the sill. I dont know how good it works, and I guess I wont know for a few years, but its thin like water so it gets down in all the cracks and crevices I suppose. Just put plastic down before you spray it because this stuff started dripping out of cracks and holes all over. Its supposed to encapsulate rust. I know some people who have used zero rust and por15 on areas they can spray. On the net it seems a lot of people like zero rust better. This guy did each side of the motor mount in a salt water boat and has pictures of what each looks like after a while.


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