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Watch your mail


Former SAOCA Membership Director
Gold Level Sponsor
Hello to all SAOCA sponsors,
Watch your mail boxes calendars, posters, and statics are in the mail for 98% of the folks I have mailing address' for. The rest will be posted during the first week of March.
Thank all of you for your support and patience

Tom j


Donation Time
Just got mine! Great Job to all the volunteers that made it possible!!!!

Who's black Harrington on the calendar? Love it!!!!


Tom H

Platinum Level Sponsor
Got mine today. Beautiful calendar. Thanks Tom and Andrew and all who helped.

Now, how about a decoder, so I know who's car is what month.



Former SAOCA Membership Director
Gold Level Sponsor
Nick E may have the who' s who. The green car with the white stripe is mine, the red with the7 up is / was Jack Beacons, I think the black Harrington is Napa 1 (john p)


Past President
Diamond Level Sponsor
I'd recommend that when everyone gets theirs, the members who's cars are pictured, take the time to post about the car and a little on how they took the picture so the other members get ideas for next year.


SAOCA Membership Director
Diamond Level Sponsor
Grrrreat calendar! It pays to be a member-thanks to all who made it happen.