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V6 Kits

Discussion in 'Modified Alpine' started by V6 JOSE, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Gitsmart

    Gitsmart Donation Time

    ditto, any update??
  2. Alfredo

    Alfredo Donation Time

    Still waiting for mine too. Alfredo
  3. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    Hi Guys,

    Today I tell my neice to have my attorney send these guys a letter, telling them to get on the stick or a law suit will follow shortly. I'm tired of this silly game they have been playing and want it to end. I will let you guys know what their response is, as soon as I hear. I apologize for all the wait.

  4. serIIalpine

    serIIalpine Donation Time


    With all due respect, this is ridiculous. This thread goes on for years with people waiting for orders to be filled and your daughter handling the responsibility of order fulfillment with a vendor that clearly has no interest in doing business with you.

    I work in the Motion Picture business here in Los Angeles and have access to fabricators of unparalleled skill and professionalism. They may not be as cheap as the guy you had in mind but if you put together a large enough order they can be very competitive. More importantly, these are professionals who take their work very seriously and know what a deadline is.

    If you send me detailed design sketches and specs I can get you a bid to produce the parts you've been waiting for now for years.

    I have lots a friends that need the work and that have shops that are getting slow because of the Holidays and with the threat of an actors strike.

    If you'd like my help please let me know.



    '62 SerII
  5. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    Hi Erick,

    I will be sending you an e-mail to discuss your idea. I have decided to look for another fabricator. My problem has been that I have not only dealt with the two guys that have jerked me around, but several others have said they would quote the job, for me but never they even contacted me again to tell me they wouldn't do it. I can't understand why this is so, but it has been my experience. I would really like to find a reliable source, so I can get the kit into more guys hands. I have quite a few guys wanting kits, but I don't trust the guys that are doing it now. I'm afraid I would be waiting on them for another year, before they would ship.

  6. bulldurham

    bulldurham Donation Time

    Eric, I agree it is time to take some positive action. This shop could have good reasons[for them] as to why the kits have not been made but I don't really care. If a suit is filed I would not expect ever to see the parts produced by this shop and if they have been paid it could take months/years to recover those costs, if ever. I would be concerned also that if the parts are produced under duress , quality would be compromised.
    Having a kit outstanding, appreciating the position Jose is in and wanting to move ahead w/ my project I will do anything reasonable/legal to get the kit.
  7. gordonra

    gordonra Donation Time

    It is true that a lot of shops in SoCal are pretty thin with work, but there could be several reasons for their delay (none of which are best served by a lack of communication).

    1. Steel and transportation prices have increased tremendously. Previous quotes for the components could be out dated.

    2. Purchased component availability and lead times.... The tie rod ends being out of stock could cause a legitimate delay.

    3. A lower margin project may take a back seat to quick turnaround, high margin jobs. The kits may have simply been put on the back burner.

    Certain industries are going like gang-busters, and fabricators that kater to them could be very busy. I believe that this particular vendor is located in an oil producing area...

    Additionally, some vendors don't want to, or can't take the responsibility for a component when a failure could cause injury and result in insurance claims.

    What is the vendor explaination for the delay?

    Just my 6 cents....
  8. bulldurham

    bulldurham Donation Time


    Rich, any of these things could be true but it does not explain that they did 10 kits and do not already have some liability. It is my understanding as well that the kits were made from the work of a licensed engineer to avoid problems of liability.
    Anyway, the best possible outcome would be for the shop to communicate w/ Jose re: problems w/ continuing the project and/or give him some time frames for completion. I think the worst possible action is to feel it is necessary to threaten them w/ a legal action. But if they will not communicate it limits options.
    It does appear Jose has made attempts to resolve the problem of delay and they have not responded. Where does that leave us?
  9. gordonra

    gordonra Donation Time

    I agree 100%. Don't mistake my comments for a defensive position siding with the vendor. I was simply examining the conditions which this, or future vendors could have issues.

    If they are holding money and not delivering product, they should have a darn good reason, or legal action is in order.
  10. bulldurham

    bulldurham Donation Time


    No, I didn't think you were siding w/ the vendor. I communicated some of the same things to Jose as possible delays. We will never know until they talk to Jose.
  11. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    Hi Guys,

    The reason I can't understand them not shipping, is that all twenty kits that I had ordered, were already done before I left So.Cal. I had paid for them in full, even before they started working on them. The tie rod issue was one reason they hadn't shipped before this, but they have had more than enough tie rod ends to complete the three kits that they were supposed to ship. They have enough tie rod ends to finish the seven kits remaining from the original twenty I paid for.

    The one thing I can say, is that even though the kits have taken too long to deliver, everyone that still has one coming, will get their kit. I'm really sorry that all this has happened. I haven't given up on completing my part of the deal.

    Jose :eek:
  12. AlpineII

    AlpineII Diamond Level Sponsor

    Being an Alpine owner I have come to learn that patience is often necessary in trying to get the parts we need to keep these things on the road. But I must admit this is the longest I have waited between paying and seeing the delivery.

    I am in this for the long haul, however, and have faith that Jose will put the pressure necesary to get our last kits delivered.
  13. bulldurham

    bulldurham Donation Time

    It has been a year. Who else is waiting for a kit that has been paid?
    I think Jose is ready to kick butt and take names at the fabricators place. Will we get a Christmas present??
  14. gopar

    gopar Guest


    It is ok to send the remains of my kit to Trevor. He will send you an email with the order details....


  15. EdSua

    EdSua Platinum Level Sponsor

    Once you get this straighten out, I will like to order mine.
    Please let me know when you will be taking orders for the next ten kits
    Thanks for all your effort,
  16. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for your faith in me. I am doing my best to get this resolved, even sending my niece to help them pack and ship them, if necessary. I think I have enough interested guys to make another order.


  17. Jeff Scoville

    Jeff Scoville Donation Time

    Having met Jose in person, I can honestly say to all those waiting that I feel truely sorry for the results that he is dealing with. I gaurantee he is making little if any real money by providing this service. It is his love and belief in the final result for which he is doing this.
    Yes, this sucks for many, but I for one feel bad for the negative impact this is having on him.A solution will be forthcoming and I hope this doesn't discourage Jose fom continuing his service.
    Keep a chin up Jose, it will all work out.
  18. lgurley

    lgurley Donation Time

    I am one of the lucky ones. I got my kit some time ago and it was worth waiting for. It is in the shop now and I am waiting for a piston which my machine shop should have had in my engine weeks ago. There is always something. I think when you have this situation cleared up I would like to get one more kit to go in the donor car that I couldn't bear cutting up.
  19. AlpineII

    AlpineII Diamond Level Sponsor

    Any news on the delivery of my kit?
  20. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    Hi Andrew,

    I'm still working on it. If I don't get an answer to my last e-mail, I am going to start a law suit. You are missing the other kit parts, but have the headers. I will make sure you get your parts, even if they have to come from another fabricator. If they don't porvide the parts, they will have ripped me off for a whole lot of money, so you can rest assured that I'm not going to let this go. I have never ripped off anyone in my life, for not so much as a cent and don't plan on starting now. I know that it has been hard on you, having to wait and I appreciate that you have been patient. I still can't tell you when you will have your parts in hand, but you will get them; rest assured.



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