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Tiger battery replacement

Discussion in 'Sunbeam Tiger' started by John W, Dec 27, 2021.

  1. John W

    John W Diamond Level Sponsor

  2. spmdr

    spmdr Donation Time

    Hmmm, seems I heard someone else mention an Ultra-capacitor a while back...
  3. Warren

    Warren Bronze Level Sponsor

    Dr. Emmett Brown ...

    Did you see the $$$ on these.
    Unless you are so weight conscious you don't want a lead acid or other battery wow.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2021
  4. spmdr

    spmdr Donation Time

    Yup, 1.21 kF should do it!

    ...for 1.21 k$.....
  5. John W

    John W Diamond Level Sponsor

    I think the "XS" capacitor in the video is model SB630-1200 which is available at jegs dot com for $499, and with their 20% discount would be $399 and they free ship anything over $199. Hope 2022 is a good year.
  6. spmdr

    spmdr Donation Time

    That video is a little miss-leading.

    IF the engine didn't start within a very short time, the capacitor would need to be recharged.

    Here is it's intended use:

    Extreme Stored Power
    XS Power SuperBank Capacitors are a great source for quick and strong bursts of electricity. XS Power designed these capacitors to work great in vehicles with advanced car audio systems or even drag racing applications.

    SuperBank capacitors are engineered to provide a high amperage jolt for things such as high bass stereo systems keeping battery voltage high. In drag racing vehicles the power unit is primarily used for starting purposes. XS Power SuperBank Capacitors are to be used in parallel with regular automotive batteries.

    These are NOT batteries or battery substitutes!

    (the above is from Jegs)

    BUT, Ultra capacitors are NEW Tech.... that has been on the minds of some for DECADES,

    And are only going to get BETTER.

    AND, that bit about 1.21 kF is WAY closer than I guessed it would be!

    Jegs info says 630 F so 2 of them is .... ALMOST 1.21 kF....

    Better lucky than good...

    Last edited: Dec 31, 2021
  7. spmdr

    spmdr Donation Time

    BTW, with this thread title I had NO clew it would deal with anything other than standard batteries.

    Just saying.

  8. loose_electron

    loose_electron Gold Level Sponsor

    Save your money. It's an interesting idea but not cost effective. Plus batteries are more reliable than capacitors in many cases. If you were trying to shave weight off a car (a racer) I would consider Li-Ion battery before a capacitor. Just an opinion.
  9. John W

    John W Diamond Level Sponsor

    The You Tube video allows for comments and appears it might reach a larger audience.

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