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The Club


Donation Time
Gentlemen, Thank you for your commitment to the SAOCA. Having served on charitable boards in the past I understand the hidden commitment that this takes. ( I just don't have it right now) Being a Sunbeam owner since 2007 (and joining the month I purchased the car) I have found this to be among the finest and most charitable group in terms of knowledge and support for the enthusiast regardless of whether they choose to modify or encapsulate their car. My own would be far from what it is today without that support.



Tracy my in-laws are in Kirkland, perhaps next time I'm up we can connect, they are British and have a TR-6 but I don't hold this against them...


Co-Founder/Past President
Platinum Level Sponsor
Thank you for your kind words Derek. You are correct that a lot of effort over the years has been put into the creation and on-going evolution of this club. It's been a group effort by a lot of dedicated people.


Platinum Level Sponsor
Hey Derek! I am in Salem from time to time on business, if it works. I will give you a shout or do the same when you are here. (Triumph people have two classes: TR2,3,4,5 & 6 owners and Spitfire, GT6 types are allowed to associate with them!!!)