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T5 with a 1725 motor

Discussion in 'Modified Alpine' started by Mag0152, Jan 16, 2022.

  1. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    In a picture listed here:

    the T5 is not from an S10 because the S10 has a short tail shaft. The T5 pictured is definitely a Mustang style we utilize in the V6 Conversions. The Sifter is in an almost exact position as the stock Alpine shifter.

    In one PIC the end "Spud" of the T5 is clear. It does not appear to have been turned down to the dimensions of the Mutt II Flywheel.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2022
  2. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    Thank you DanW for posting this valuable info.

    The rear trans mount is available: I designed the perfect tranny mount for the T5 whether a manual 4 spd or the BW35 Alpine.
    I have multiple transmission mounts available.

    The above pictured transmission Bracket is designed for the V6 Ford engine mated to a late model Mustang T5 (the four bolt pattern Bracket pictured is for the Manual 4 spd transmission Alpines. Brackets for the Borg Warner (BW35) Automatic Alpines which have the three (3) bolt pattern are also available.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2022
  3. 260Alpine

    260Alpine Silver Level Sponsor

    3448964_orig.jpg GM Astro/Safari van has a shifter inbetween the S10 and Mustang. It has a weird remote setup you would discard.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2022
  4. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    DW, It has the shifter position that would be very close to the dash and not allow proper/complete gear selection.
  5. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    Jim, the PIC of the ASTRO is near the same position as the S10, appears the difference is some sort of side shifting requirement ??
  6. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    If Mr B. Holmes would offer the adapter for sale it sure would answer a lot of questions and advance the T5 use in the Alpine. If he is not interest, perhaps offering the drawings to someone for fabrication could be helpful.

    Can/will anyone make contact with him?
  7. 260Alpine

    260Alpine Silver Level Sponsor

    Dan, It is 2 1/4" further back. The S10 shifter box is right against the top cover. You would use a Camaro or S10 shifter. You could also modify the bolt pattern of a Mustang shifter to work.
  8. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    Jim, go to the link for the PIC's DW posted and find the one with the steering wheel and shifter displayed. It is in a perfect position for the Alpine IMO. That is a FORD T5 tail shaft like on the V6 Conversions.

    With the S10 I have and comparing its' shift position + moving back 2 1/4" it is still a bit far forward. Holmes comment about "perfect position" is what I like.
  9. 260Alpine

    260Alpine Silver Level Sponsor

    Dan, shifter position looks about perfect to me. I just wanted to show an alternative to the S10. My V8 set back like the Tiger, the Astro/Safai would be just right.
  10. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor

    I agree about the V8....The ASTRO may be a perfect solution.

    DO you have the tranny bracket for the v8 ?
  11. 260Alpine

    260Alpine Silver Level Sponsor

    May be another option for the 4 banger. Ford 4 speed OD Toploader (SROD) Shifter is about the same position as the Astro/Safari. Basically s-l640 (1).jpg 3 speed wide ratio with .7 OD 4th.
  12. 260Alpine

    260Alpine Silver Level Sponsor

    Dan, Not yet, but when I get to that point I will order the Tiger one from you.
  13. spmdr

    spmdr Donation Time

    I started doing T-5 install kits for Tigers back in the '90s.

    I used AMC T-5 tailhousings because they had the shifter in the correct place.

    BUT, THAT tailhousing was hard to get back then, and only harder now.

    I suspect that (AMC) shifter position may work well in an Alpine as well.

    I don't know ALL the T-5 variations, the Asto van is a new one on me... (how rare are THEY?)

    But, I do know a Chevett has a T-5 with the shifter in a similar location as the AMC.

    The S-10 tailhousing has ended up as the readily available "goto" shifter location, other than the Mustang.

    The big question, How much do you want to mod the car?

    I'm kind of lazy and like bolt in stuff, modifying the car is last on my list,

    but done when practical.

  14. spmdr

    spmdr Donation Time

    This is one of my Tiger T-5 kits ready to install in the car.

    And YES, the Trans is rotated so the shift lever goes through the original hole.

    BTW, I take NO credit for the inverted oil filter, NOT my gig!

    This is the last T-5 I did, c. 2006.

    DCP_0130.JPG .
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2022
  15. spmdr

    spmdr Donation Time

    BTW, SOME T-5 Tailhousings are NOT just a Bolt and GO on a Mustang base Trans!

    The Bolt part is a go, but just about Everything else NEEDS to be checked.

    With the AMC tailhousing, I made an adapter Bushing to use the Ford output slip yoke bushing/bearing.

    And I made hardware to move the location of the speedo drive gear, from the Mustang to the AMC location.

    ...the hoops one goes through to not mod the car....

    Last edited: Jan 17, 2022
  16. Alpine 1789

    Alpine 1789 SAOCA President Diamond Level Sponsor

    Thanks. I had mine turned down years ago when I first got started down the (long delayed) V6 path. I hope it fits when I (eventually) put everything together.
  17. tigretr

    tigretr Donation Time

    Hi Everyone,
    Yes, I have a T5 behind my alpine motor. The combo to use is a 85-89 T5 with a 94-95 input shaft. I am running a .73 5th gear. This combo puts the shifter in the perfect spot and does not require the input shaft to be turned down (IIRC). I did not use the T5 tail shaft mount, rather made a plate that bolts to the T5 tail housing bolts, which are mostly in the same plane as the alpine tranny mounts. I just made a bracket to adapt to the Alpine tranny mounts.

    To make the T5 mount to the Alpine bell housing, I made an adapter plate with a concentric ring on it to ensure the tranny aligns coaxially with the bell housing and crank. The bell housing was machined down a bit, it was bored out so the adapter plate slips into it, and in my case, holes were drilled into the bell housing for mounting a Tilton PN 61-401 linear clutch release bearing. Most important after making all these parts, is to bolt the bell housing to the motor with a dial indicator on the crank then slowly turn the crank and measure the inner bore of the adapter plate. Move the bell housing around until there is essentially zero runout. Then pin the bell housing to the engine block to maintain this position. If the input shaft is not coaxial with the crank, hard shifts and decreased life of your tranny and associated parts will result.

    On a side note, ensuring there are no more than 3 degrees of pinion - driveshaft angle is also crucial. I was constantly grinding into second gear for years, then I rebuilt my rear suspension and found my pinion angle was way off. Once fixed, my shifts are as crisp as can be.

    This is probably more info than you were looking for, but I figured since I had it, I might as well put it out there.



    By the way, my website is now www.turbosunbeamalpine.com. I haven't updated it in 11 years so unfortunately none of the rear end work, brakes, or new dyno sheet are there, but there is still a lot of info and pictures.

    Hope every one is doing well,
    Gumby and DanR like this.
  18. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time


    Great to see you back online!
    Id that an alloy large capacity windage tray sump you made?...ive been looking into making one
  19. tigretr

    tigretr Donation Time

    Yes, it is nice to catch up on what is being talked about on the forum.

    Here is a picture of where the shifter ends up with my T5 build. A nice short custom shifter with of course an Alpine knob, and you are off to the races.

  20. 260Alpine

    260Alpine Silver Level Sponsor

    Brian, what rear end work and brakes have you done?

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