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Suspension parts

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by sunbby, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. sunbby

    sunbby Past SAOCA President Donation Time

    Our Series V desperately needs a suspension/steering rebuild (is it normal to have 1/8" play in the tie rods:eek: No wonder she wanders a bit.). So I’ve been looking into buying the needed parts. From the previous forum recommendations I’ll probably order from SS or CS if at all possible, however I got VB’s winter sale catalog and I have to wonder about a few items.

    The ball joint prices are drastically different, $89/$69 for lowers/uppers at SS. $125/$76 at CS. $27/$27 at VB. Now that is quite a difference, what is the story with that? Are the more expensive parts really worth that difference?

    The A-Arm bushings are $188/set at SS, $108 at CS and $48 at VB on sale. CS also has upper and lower fulcrum kits listed for Series 5, $145 each, does anyone know what this includes?

    I’m going to get new springs all around. Thinking about Series 3 springs based on some comments from the old forum, anyone have experience with the CS or VB springs? Should I stick with Series 5 springs?
  2. am99ey

    am99ey Gold Level Sponsor

    Last year I have purchased a few parts from Rick/SS to have the front suspension redone after 40 Years. I did not do the actual work myself, but I supplied my mechanic with the material. Talking car's, I also asked him about the 'supplied quality'. (He is very familiar with prewar (II) italian oltimers. Lancia's seem to be engineering jewels of those days).
    He gave me the feedback that the material was of good quality, definitely above average quality available for old cars. He stated that he is convident not to need to change these parts again while is in business ..

    I did not compare other suppliers for this lot. Having ordered before from SS with good experience on service,shipment and quality I would order from there again. SS is responsive and supplies the needed quality. For uncelar questions I called by phone, could feel the dedication to Sunbeams. I think thats what driving and maintaining Alpine is all about.
    Money is all the new stuff ...


  3. P. Scofield

    P. Scofield Bronze Level Sponsor

    You can get the track-rod ends from here. I don't think the quality varies too much from place to place. Looks like these run about $80.00. I would however, HIGHLY recommend you get the new steering center rod from these guys and forget about just replacing the bushings. I wish these would have been available when I did mine. The rubber bush SS and others are selling is garbage. Simply a piece of rubber hose....really. This is where I'm getting my play if any on my new suspension. I may attempt to put one of these in with my engine in place. I do know it's possible but much less work if you are torn down.


    Steering and suspension
    New! Center steering rod 5220976 (QDL990) (No2 In picture )
    Now again available in limited supply: The center steering rod with ball joints and grease nipples like the original Rootes part.
    The rubber bushed model was introduced in the 60's as cheaper-to- produce part, removing ball joints and grease points. However it did not improve the steering at all!
    This new, remanufactured part, is the ultimate replacement part for your Alpine, Hillman, Sceptre or Rapier. No sloppy, insecure steering anymore!!
  4. JonPiz

    JonPiz Donation Time

  5. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time

    quality of parts

    i have to disagree with paul on the quality of parts at rootesparts versus what sunbeam specialties sells.there are a lot of flaws with repos coming out of rootesparts.what rick sells are top quality or he won't sell the parts. that's just my opinion based on too many years of buying parts for beams and i've bought from them all including ones that aren't in business anymore.rick will not steer you wrong.

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