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Sunbeam Alpine: Rotor Arm / Pattern parts Problems.

Tim R

Silver Level Sponsor
This video shows some of the problems that fitting pattern parts can cause. In this instance it was a pattern rotor arm and distributor cap. This took a lot of detective work to track down. Everything was set correctly and we had fitted what we thought were good quality parts but the cars did not want to start. They weren't good parts, they were imitation rubbish, probably from the Far East.
If you are having problems like this consider whether your shiny 'new' parts might actually be causing the issue.

Tim R



Donation Time
Very good Tim, some of the parts available are just rubbish. i had big troubles for a while with brake light switch' s failing early.
the audio come across really well too!

all the best albeam


Platinum Level Sponsor
Great video Tim. Albeit, I watched it after I spent 3 days figuring out issues related to replacing my ignition parts in my IV. Turns out it was the new Lucas Sports coil I got from the UK. Hooked the old one up with crocodile clips and bingo, she starts. The video made its point very well to me. Cheers


Diamond Level Sponsor
Old saying goes something like this:

The Bitter Taste of poor quality lingers long after the Sweet Flavor of a Cheap Price has disappeared.

Buy quality..........