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Sunbeam 2000 build

In lue of changing to duol struts, needed to reinforce hinge mounting area as the orignals were only designed as a prop to hold the trunk open, one per side.
Got this trunk seal that fits the trunk lip perfectly!

I ordered a trunk/boot seal from Victoria British (back before I knew better), and this is the type I received. It was way too stiff/firm - the lid would not close. The correct one just has a thin strip of rubber sticking up.
I like this style as it has more sealing area and in the tighest places the compression puts it at just a hair over 3mm
License plate lights and back up lights installed and working. Wiring for fuel pumps tested and working.
I didn't like the way the first roll bar came out so it was redone yesterday regardless of the heat wave we are having.
Roll bar installed as well as the passenger seat and all the interior trim. Took some time to get the PRHT (it is comprised of three parts) adjusted as well as the deck lid. It was removed completely from the car for adjustment then put back on the car piece by piece. Got the PRHT to work properly with no interference, windows work properly and remote trunk release also works as it should. Lastly, I gave the car a washing to clean it up as well as checking for water leaks. The only water that got into the trunk was from the trunk bumper brackets holes, cabin was completely dry.
I am calling that good!