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Sunbeam 2000 build

hey Bill,
There is absolutely nothing wrong with three wheels as long as you triangulate it for sturdiness and stregth.

After you have had one to tip over while assembling an engine, you might rethink that statement.

Having made and used a rotisserie constructed of lumber, I think I can make a legitimate claim of having an open mind on the subject of rotisseries.

Well, after more research on how solid the Honda Structure is. I have decided it is best to go a different route, so there will be no need for a rotisserie. Instead of putting the drivetrain into the Sunbeam, I am going to put the Sunbeam body on the Honda! I have spent the last few weeks putting everything back together so I can start the body work.
Well, after more research on how solid the Honda Structure is. I have decided it is best to go a different route, so there will be no need for a rotisserie. Instead of putting the drivetrain into the Sunbeam, I am going to put the Sunbeam body on the Honda! I have spent the last few weeks putting everything back together so I can start the body work.

I am not trying to discourage you, but before you start you might want to study the threads that document a previous failed Miata/Alpine transplant. I haven't read any of it since it was posted 6 years ago, but you may be able to avoid some of the same mistakes with your project.

Finally, starting my 63 Alpine/ 91 miata hybrid build http://www.sunbeamalpine.org/forum/showthread.php?t=10608

62 Mazpine resto-mod Phase 2
And finally, ...

Parting out my 62 Alpine project
I should have thought of this sooner because I would have been on the road already. Most of the work for me will be body and paint. The most difficult part will be merging the two together and make it look like it came that way from a factory. In the end this is a much more practical route since I have all the parts already at this time. I am building under the California DMV code for "Special Construction Vehicle"
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It has been some time since I posted since life and health seem to get in the way.
As you can see the S2000 hood line and Sunbeam are not even close. So I got some sheet metal and started making the panel from the edge of the hood to the grill area. After tracing and cutting, I attached a lip around the cut, then had to install a brace near the A/C to set the height of the center.


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I found a front clip that needed a new home, started putting the passenger fender on. Also wanted to keep the front fender braces on for extra support. They had to be modified since the Sunbeam fenders don't stick out as far as the S2000


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I am building a SUN2K. My version of a modern Alpine . Found a rear clip today to get most of the body work done. I was also able to find two driver quality Bumpers that will need to be widened and rechromed.
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I have been busy working on the body panels and enlarging the trunk. Here are some pictures of that and the braces for the front of the hood extension and grill surround.


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I found a retractable hardtop this week and got the donor car home. Now the fun begins, the priliminary measurements look promising. First order of business is making sure it all works before performing the surgery required to do this. Excited and nervous at the same time.
Will post pics as this gets going.
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The donor car was hit hard in the right front, of course that is where the battery is located. It took about an hour of cutting to get it out and see if it would take a charge to test the top function before removing anything. Charged the battery overnight and it was good to go. I put the battery in with the positive cable attached and touched the negative to ground and saw a spark, turns out to just be the trunk and door lights because they were open. Now for the moment of truth, test the top, ALL GOOD!
The donor car is a Mercedez SLK model from the late 90's. My primary concern is the shape of the door glass is quite a bit different and it has a small rear window which will have to be installed along with the top I believe. I have a second set of eyes coming over today to see if I missed anything before removing anything. Does anyone know if door window glass can be reshaped/cut/ground to a different size?
Here are some pictures of the donor car wiring. What a nightmare compared to the simple wiring a Sunbeam has!
I was able to isolate the wiring associated with the retractable top and was able to get it out in one piece. The next challange was relocating the spare tire on the Honda chassis since it was located on top of the gas tank right where the top needs to lay down. Have been busy cutting the rear crossmember from the donor car and attaching it sqaurely and making a new spare tire well. I tried to used the existing floor pan but it just would not work. Second option was to use the donor car spare tire well. That did not work either since it is a much smaller diameter. Here some pics of the first attempt to keep the trunk large.


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The site would only let me upload 5 pics. Here is the last picture with the spare tire in place.


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I was able to get the roof off the SLK and put in the back of my truck for the time being. Been working on removing the honda top and center roll bar supports etc.


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I have a Holbay Alpine and my son has a Mugen S2000. Can't say we ever thought about this option! I guess it would save garage space.
Hi Jay,
It is not really about garage space at all, but it is a benefit for sure. I am going more towards a modern cool factor on this build. Sunbeam will always be awesome looking cars, I wish I could have moved the driveline into the Sunbeam chassis. There are just too many limitations and unfortunately in the end it would not have worked. Since the direction changed it has been a lot of fun!
Yesterday was the first time seeing the retractable top on the SUN2K.
Here a couple of shots of the first time setting the top onto the chassis to begin the day.
Thanks for your comments.


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Very cool.
Which windshield and header did you use?
I was planning to go with a later hardtop, but this makes far more sense.
I currently don't have any of the pesky interior sheetmetal in the way, so now would be the time to make the call.
I used the header from the SLK230 and mated it to the existing. It was a big challenge because the contours are a bit different especially at the corners. Fabrication will be needed to finish it up and mate the two door and window seals together. I still have not decided to either get door windows made to fit (Pricey) or modify the top to fit the glass. At this time I will look into modifying the top a bit which should come out cleaner. I will not know until I let the top fold to see if there is any interference with that idea. Currently securing the frames together to the body and door jambs. Then I will have to install the two little side windows.
Thanks for the comments Sabertooth