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Starter Stuck???


Donation Time
I'll get under the car tonight, but figured I'd ask before I start tearing things apart.

I think my starter bendix is stuck in the flywheel. I fired the car up over the weekend, it ran for a minute, then I tried to start it again a few times and finally got a click and a weird electric noise. I went to hand turn the fan and the motor is stuck.

I did a wack with a hammer on the starter, no luck. Tonight I'll try to take out the starter. Someone at work told me to jack up the rear end and move the rear tires back and forth to get the bendix to release.

Any other ideas?



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It's been awhile but I believe the starter shaft has a square end at the exhaust side that you can put a wrench on and turn the starter by hand to free it.


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Yea, turn in in the opposite direction the fan turns. That should cause it to move back down the shaft and free it from the flywheel if that is the issue. It also may mean that the start needs to come out and have the shaft and gear assembly cleaned and it could be binding due to dirt. The drive gear and shaft shouldn't be greased or oiled as that will collect dirt, but should either be completely clean or use one of those dry lubricants.


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Ignition off, car in 4th, rock the car fore and aft.. the starter will disengage from the flywheel. Then remove the starter (not easy, and remember to disconnect battery first) and clean the bendix gear in solvent, then lightly lube the bendix and starter bearings with engine oil. Reinstall starter and you're likely good to go for many more miles.


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You might want to spray the bejesus out of the Bendix from underneath with BraKleen or another brake solvent and then try to start. Do this while the starter is still in place. Might save you a lot of work removing the starter. Worked for me.


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Not too great of an idea using the fan blade to turn the engine Ugh!!

Tim R

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If it is hanging on due to the teeth on the ring gear getting snaggy a good solution is to fit a Hi-Gear starter. These operate on the opposite, (unworn) side of the ring gear. It might save you pulling the engine and replacing the starter ring.
Tim R