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Some track action from the UK


Silver Level Sponsor
Thought you might like a dash cam view of some track action in the UK. This is the first outing after the Covid lockdown during which I swapped the engine just because I wanted to see if my own engine rebuild was any good (nothing wrong with the old engine), plus a re-engineered lowered rear suspension which has rear struts instead of the SII lever arms. Mallory Park is a good place to give a car a low key workout. The engine has now done 500 miles, and didn't lose any oil or water. I did need help to fix a misfire during the week, and my local rolling road has gone bust in the lockdown so ignition timing was a best efforts manual suck-it-and-see effort. I came last against some fast machines but this represents my successful attainment of my full race licence which requires 6 finishes without incident. The engine is a standard new old stock 1725 French/Iranian block with a
fast road cam, vizard gas-flowed combustion chambers, super skimmed head and lightened flywheel to 16 lbs with an 8 1/2" clutch. I have deleted the mechanical fan which was previously the heavy 6-blade "hot country" option. I had twin electric fans running during the race. Compression is at 182 psi across all cylinders after running-in, seems to be gradually increasing. The series usually requires Dunlop historic racing tyres which offer pretty poor grip as you may know, but this was not enforced at Mallory and others were certainly using grippier Yokohama tyres. By the end of the race I was revving up to 6KRPM and the last lap was an average 65 MPH compared to my initial 60 MPH average. I didn't want to blow my new engine as per a previous race at Donington in 2014. I'll push bit harder in the future as I get confidence in the motor. I also swapped the front brakes during the lockdown and fixed an unpredictable braking issue which meant that I braked far too early in the first few laps due to a lack of confidence. Previously the car would snake either left or right - hardly good



Platinum Level Sponsor
Fantastic Glenn!! Wow, if only I lived a bit closer. I particularly enjoyed your drive through the pits.