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SoCal rust-free body panels - Series II Alpine (in Michigan now)

Discussion in 'Alpine Cars and Parts For Sale' started by jmb, Mar 9, 2021.

  1. jmb

    jmb Donation Time

    Rust-free Series II Alpine that spend it's driving days in SoCal. Not a spot of rust on or inside panels (other than surface rust of course). I'll be posting more stuff as I dig parts out of storage, but here's what's ready to go:

    Front L&R quarters from mid-wheel-well to headlight. Includes partial wheel well and valance below headlight. Some floor and lower firewall as they were cut inside frame rails. Right side has a small dent (~5 in) on the wheel arch. $250 each. I believe these will fit all Serieses?

    [SOLD] Rear L&R quarter from door jamb to tail light. Includes full wheel well and rear valance below tail light (cut inside frame rail all the way). $300 each.

    [SOLD] L&R rockers. Currently one piece of whole midsection of car left to right with X member, trans tunnel, etc. intact. Can cut to order. $50 each or whatever steel you need from this area.

    [SOLD] L&R doors. Stripped down, solid. $150 each.

    [SOLD] L&R door hinges - upper and lower for each side. Solid - no sag, play, etc. Includes mounting screws. $60 each set.

    Front valance section from hood hinges all the way down. Section between headlights. $25.

    Rear valance section between tail lights. $25.

    Hardtop. No dents, no glass. Mounting brackets are intact along with bottom trim bezel. No headliner, but liner bows are all there. $750.

    Hood/Bonnet. Nice shape, not badging or other hardware. $200

    Trunk/Boot lid. It's been a while, but I remember this had a bow in it, like someone tried closing the trunk with too much junk - seen this a lot with these and TRs. There are creases near the hinge mounts that need to straightened. Also a dent (pull-outable) where the license plate goes. No hardware. $150

    Bumpers in original shape - would need rechrome, come with some bracketing. $200 each

    Various sections of floor, frame, etc. Just ask. Had V8 so floor pans are not complete. $whatever

    I also have the vent/cowl/top section that holds the bonnet latch and VIN and body tags (no tags with purchase as I don't believe they can be sold) from dash forward to engine compartment. Has cutout from V8 placement in the front of the vent box. $75

    All prices are for pick up, we'll deal with shipping as needed.

    Show interest in this post and we'll move over to PM as needed.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2021
  2. MikeH

    MikeH Diamond Level Sponsor

    Just curious. If it was a rust free car, why has it been cut up?
  3. jmb

    jmb Donation Time

    Hey Mike. It was V8 conversion project that would have been very difficult to get back to stock and I needed room in the garage, so out came the sawzall.

  4. thecheme

    thecheme Donation Time

  5. thecheme

    thecheme Donation Time

    Hello JMB
    I’m interested in the boot (decklid) condition. I’m in Michigan and would love a chance to see it.

    thanks. PM me to talk more

  6. trbrg

    trbrg Gold Level Sponsor

    I'm in need of right side fenders and door and lower back panel for my
    series 1, do you still have these parts?
  7. trbrg

    trbrg Gold Level Sponsor

  8. trbrg

    trbrg Gold Level Sponsor

    I sent a response on Sunday asking for right side frt and rear fenders and door. I’m in Michigan and I’m very interested in these parts. Please respond if you still have them
  9. jmb

    jmb Donation Time

    Thanks - I responded to your PM regarding availability of those parts.
  10. molly2010

    molly2010 Silver Level Sponsor

    Have right rear fin
  11. jmb

    jmb Donation Time

    Both rear fenders have been sold.

  12. jmahall

    jmahall Silver Level Sponsor

    Looking for the two vertical pieces of the wind shield frame, ( or whole frame if need be) if in good condition. Both of mine need re chroming.
  13. tylerite3124

    tylerite3124 Platinum Level Sponsor

    I'm looking for a rear valance for my Mark 1A Tiger. I see you list a rear valance for sale. If you still have it, please send me a PM with a picture. Thanks.

  14. jmb

    jmb Donation Time

    Hi Rick,

    I was out of town and am now just getting ahead of my emails. Yes, I have the rear valence - it does not go all the way from fender to fender, though. The quarters were cut to include the outer sections that house the bumper bolt/bracket. Let me know if you're still interested and I can get some pictures over to you.

  15. tylerite3124

    tylerite3124 Platinum Level Sponsor

    Thanks for your reply. I need the whole valance so the piece you have left will not work for me.
  16. jmb

    jmb Donation Time

    OK - thanks.
  17. trbrg

    trbrg Gold Level Sponsor

    Do you have any front suspension parts? I'm looking for a right side steering arm from a S1 Alpine.

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