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Side window left / stuck in up-position

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by am99ey, May 3, 2015.

  1. am99ey

    am99ey Gold Level Sponsor

    I experienced getting harder cranking over the last few weeks on the left side window. Suddenly it is stuck in the top position; no cranking possible anymore.
    I have removed the door panel but can not detect the cause. All seems to be in place and nothing is bent. How should I proceed not to damage anything?
    I have never had the door internals removed / repaired.
    A drawing or picture might help me.
    Thanks for a hint, Andy
  2. Series3Scott

    Series3Scott Co-Founder/Past President Platinum Level Sponsor

    You might have a stripped door gear or some broken teeth on that gear. Unfortunately I'm afraid you may have to find a new winder mechanism. Replacing it (at least for me) was a nightmare but it can be done.
  3. Chuck Ingram

    Chuck Ingram Donation Time

    The weather stripping can be loose and jammed the glass in the channel
    I know this can happen and you need to loosen the front channel depending on what series it is

    If it is a stepped gear sometimes it can be reversed depending on the damage.
  4. am99ey

    am99ey Gold Level Sponsor

    I have solved the problem.
    (This weekend I had time to look closer at the problem)
    The cause was a completely dried out crank axle.
    I applied carefully universal grease out of a spray can (for bicycle chain, hinges etc..) also on all relevant mechanism. This helped immediately and windows sliding smoothly up and down now.
    At the same time I checked and retighten the screws of the window guides.
    Thank you for the hints.

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