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Series V Clutch Cover


Gold Level Sponsor
Has anyone been able to locate a source for a Series V Clutch Cover (pressure plate assembly).


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I'm the source. I have several very decent used, reusable clutch covers and NOS discs available.

As far as I know, new SV clutch covers have been N.L.A. for 6+ years.

Tim R

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The advice I would give you from the UK would be to get your current clutch plates re-conditioned. Even if you do buy new, don't throw the old parts away as they are fully re-conditionable. Over the years we have bought various clutches that we were assured were correct but once fitted we found that they didn't work correctly. That is a pain when you have to take the engine or gearbox out again to sort it out. Once you know you have a working clutch it is a lot easier to just get the bits reconditioned as you know that they will work. On one defective clutch the problem was that the central boss on the plate was 3mm too long, that was enough to make the clutch stop working when fully depressed. Identifying that as the problem was a nightmare.
I am sure that you have many places that recondition and reline clutches and brakes etc. We use Precision Clutch Components to re-condition ours, they are shown in this video on the Sunbeam Alpine Channel.
Tim R



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Closer to home, meaning in this country, I've used Falcon Clutch on Long Island to refurnish SV clutch disks
and pressure plates. They do a fantastic job and are reasonable with their costs.