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Series 2 rear axel, new or rebuilt

Discussion in 'Alpine Cars and Parts Wanted' started by kkelly225, Oct 7, 2021.

  1. kkelly225

    kkelly225 Gold Level Sponsor

    Need at least a ring and pinion for my 62 series 2, abnormal wear on set in car, pretty noisy. Willing to pay shipping, thanks!
  2. husky drvr

    husky drvr Platinum Level Sponsor


    Welcome to the forum.

    "abnormal wear on set in car, pretty noisy" Did you find many of the ring gear bolts loose? Or had someone tried to tighten them?

    Just for informational purposes, do you know what the ratio is in your differential?

    Your state location might help as well.

    kkelly225 likes this.
  3. kkelly225

    kkelly225 Gold Level Sponsor

    Thanks Don! I’m in Spokane Washington, I believe it is a 3.89 ratio. It has been noisy since I bought the car 6 years ago, first thought axel bearing but the noise didn’t change taking sharp corners. So I thought pinion bearing. The shop that does this stuff for me just went through the rear end and only found the uneven wear in the ring and pinion, so I’m looking to replace them.
  4. twautomotive

    twautomotive Bronze Level Sponsor

    I have an extra used 3:89 which is out of the rear end housing. Does anyone know how to test if is good or a howler?
  5. kkelly225

    kkelly225 Gold Level Sponsor

    Hey Tom! I don’t know how to test for noise but if the surfaces look good and clean I’d be interested in them, let me know if you’d might part with them.
  6. fonz

    fonz Donation Time

    to check, you can use some white lithium grease on the ring rear(not much) then rotate it 360 degrees and look at the "wear pattern". that is a tell tail sign if it is SET correctly. MAY just be set too loose, also check "Carrier Bearings"

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