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Series 1/2 windshield wanted


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I have a series 2 currently with a scratched and delaminating windshield. Found another unit, but also delaminating. I reached out to the few sellers I could find; being UK based they were unwilling to ship windshields to the US, and I don't have an international vacation budgeted for this car.

I've heard murmurs of the idle shipping containers full of Victoria British's Sunbeam parts, but nothing seems to have come from that. Sunbeam Specialties in the bay area appears to be the only other US seller with one listed and they don't stock it currently.

Looking for any individuals or companies I missed selling S1/2 windshield in the US, preferably California/Arizona/Nevada area to avoid the shipping risk.

I also have a later model windshield assembly (glass, rubber, frame) in fairly good condition if a trade makes sense for someone.
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I have a couple in the frames. I will verify quality . It is free but must be picked up in Monterey.


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I have a used one still in the frame that I will look at today to see what condition it is in, if a used one will work for you? I replaced it with one from Victoria British and the fit is not that good on the one I got. I am in Bakersfield Ca.