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SAOCA 2021 Club Calendars to be mailed soon!


SAOCA Membership Director
Diamond Level Sponsor
I have the new calendars and other membership items now and have just started to mail them out. Gold members and above will hopefully get their calendars by the middle of January but please be patient as the US Post Office is not even caught up with the Christmas rush yet! I have no idea how long our Canadian and overseas members will have to wait for delivery.
Again thanks to you for your membership and support and let's hope the coming year will be better than the last one!


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I can attest to USPS delays. Sent packages on 7 Dec from Jacksonville, FL to Fort Payne, AL. One package was finally delivered yesterday, 21 days later. Sent 1-3 day priority. Had heard that the Memphis, TN Postal Distribution Center was full with 19 semis in the lot waiting to unload.


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As of last week, 15,000 USPS employees are quarantined due to contracting COVID-19, being exposed to the virus or awaiting test results. Of the 15K, its estimated 97% are craft employees who transport, unload, sort or deliver mail and parcels. Add that to the overwhelming increase of parcels due to the pandemic and holiday shopping and, in addition to its own products, the Postal Services also delivers 'last mile' parcels for Amazon, UPS and FedEx – who rely on USPS because they can't handle their own volume. Then consider that last summer the new Postmaster General cut overtime via elimination of sortation machines and fewer trips to transport mail and parcels to distribution centers and post offices.



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Post Office is a mess. I sent a tach out to Tom Hayden on Dec 15th and as of yesterday he still hasn't received it.
I have many others that are similar stories. That said, I shipped a wiring harness to Renton WA on the 23rd and
he got it a day before the expected delivery date. Hopefully a good sign that things are starting to get back to
Cheers and Happy New Year!