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Rootes Rendezvous at Whistler, BC


Donation Time
Well a short story, WHAT a trip. As stated we left Portland at 6:30 am and met up with the gang going north. 4 Sunbeams to Vancouver BC. No problems and when we arrive we were met by Allan and his lovely wife Mary Lou,and that wonderful,,, Rapier at the hotel.

After dinner and happy hour we all started talking what is going on, a couple of small, but great changes. Breakfast the next AM it was decided NOT to go north to Lillooet as planned, there was a large forest fire and lots of smoke on that road, and the road was closed due to that.

Thanks,, to quick thinking on their part we went on a beautiful drive along the estuaries and wound up at the Skating Oval for the 2010 Olympics. A tour there lasted about two hours and was a good day. We were joined by a couple more BC'rs and another Oregonian couple now having I think, 9 Rootes mobiles

Our next day schedule we went on to Whistler ski lodge for a rest and look around. Not to be denied of more to do, we toured the track for the Luge/Bobsled runs, then on to the Biathlon area where several of us were able to shot the rifles that the competing athletics will use.

Oh the ride to the ski jumps,, what a view and story about that, But another time.

Jane and I left the group the next day to go on north about 100 miles. To a place called Watch Lake, we staid at the Tall timbers Resort, and went to visit some Canadians, we had met in Mexico, from there the Pumpkin took us Kamloops, on to Kelowna for over night, then to Coulee Dam and stayed over night.
We finally head south to Oysooyos for an over nighter and on to the Tri-Cities Washington. We did then go on to central Oregon and headed on home on the 16th. Whew, 1,700 miles averaged 29 MPG and used 1/2 quart of oil.. NOT bad eh?
Pictures will be on our web site ( when Jane can get them up:) ) I'll list it.