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Rear differential howling

Discussion in '"Stock" Alpine' started by mxp01, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. mxp01

    mxp01 Platinum Level Sponsor

    I am on my third rear end. They have all began howling at some point. My S IV is stock. Im at my wits end with this. Im not sure if something on my whole rear end assembly is tweaked causing these differentials to wear out quickly. Can these be rebuilt? If not, then I would ask if anyone has a whole rear end assembly for sale?

    Cade Pennell
  2. todd reid

    todd reid Gold Level Sponsor

    The Sunbeam rear assembly comes out of the rear axle housing as a unit - which I assume you know if you have changed them. It is best to either rebuild with all new parts (probably not available) or change out the whole unit, as used parts wear in together. There is a known problem with ring gear mounting bolts coming loose - it has been discussed on here many times. Modern rears are pretty trouble free, so I have found most car garages don't have anyone on their staff with the expertise to properly set one up. Two places you are more likely to find someone with experience setting up rears are machine shops catering to race cars and truck garages - if you do decide you need professional help.
    Good Luck!
    Todd Reid
  3. oLD lIMEY

    oLD lIMEY Donation Time

    Dose it howl when on the the gas only, or off the gas only. Or all the time driving? On or of the gas only means gear mesh. All the time means bearings, probably pinion bearings.
  4. mxp01

    mxp01 Platinum Level Sponsor

    Its been awhile since I have drove the car. I spent most of my time this spring/summer/fall traveling for work. I moved from Tennessee to Colorado last November and its been cold here so I have not had the car out of the garage while I have been here. But from what I remember the rear end that's in the car now (3rd rear end) howls all the time. The rear end that I took out almost 2 years ago (the 2nd rear end) howled while coasting then went away under acceleration. I still have the 2nd rear end in my garage. I have read a lot of the old threads on this problem and it seems that its common wear. Now that I live in Colorado I can take the car driving in the mountains. Bad thing about the mountains, no cell phone service. My new question now is, will one of these rear ends just finally give up on me? Should I check the ring gear mounting bolts and put the 2nd one back in the car? I can live with the howling I'm just afraid that a nice drive at 9000+ feet will be the time something in the rear end finally gives.

    Cade Pennell
  5. oLD lIMEY

    oLD lIMEY Donation Time

    They are noted for the ringgear bolts coming loose so would take a look, but howling all the time is probably a pinion bearing. I'm a retired mechanic of over 40 years, did diffs on Datsun 620s when I worked for them and several Dodge truck rear ends. Also worked for Roots Group in England before I emigrated to Canada.

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