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Parting out Series V Alpine

Discussion in 'Alpine Cars and Parts For Sale' started by twautomotive, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. twautomotive

    twautomotive Silver Level Sponsor

    I just purchased a Series V Alpine that I will be parting out. Please send private messages with your parts requests.
    Tom :eek:
    P. S. I will be on vacation from 6/20 until 7/7.:
  2. Stephen

    Stephen Silver Level Sponsor

    rear drums

    looking for matching set of rear drums any luck? how much
  3. gordonra

    gordonra Donation Time

    I'm looking for a 25 tooth transmission output yoke for the driveshaft.
  4. twautomotive

    twautomotive Silver Level Sponsor


    I have both the 25 spline yoke and the drums but...
    Due to family responsibilities, I was not able to have time to take the pictures of the parts you were interested in. (Sorry!) Parting out Sunbeams is only a hobby and family matters come first. We will be on vacation until 7/7. I will try to get the pictures to you soon after that. Thanks for understanding.
  5. gordonra

    gordonra Donation Time

    That's fine Tom,

    No hurry here.

    PM me when you get a chance.
  6. beamr67

    beamr67 Guest

    I'm looking for a part!

    When you ge back can you look to see in what shape if the steering box and column are in. If you can take some pictures and send i to rk@kuzco.biz that would be great. Raymond
  7. Bratfink

    Bratfink Donation Time

    Where in the US are you and is the entire engine available (including carbs + accessories) ? (and how much).

    I suppose I should ask if the engine is in running condition as well?

    I am also in the market for brake parts, any ideas if the Alpine used the same parts as the Vogue (wheel cylinders, calipers, discs, drums, master, booster etc)?
  8. husky drvr

    husky drvr Platinum Level Sponsor


    I am thinking that the sedans used Lockheed brakes (Alpines used Girling).

    See if the top of your master cylinder specifies a brand.

  9. Hillman

    Hillman Gold Level Sponsor

    I'm running a 1725 with sII generator, thinking about alternator. Some conversion threads say SV alternator bracket. If so, probably interested in one.
  10. Bratfink

    Bratfink Donation Time

    I can take some pics of my alternator braket for you if you like? To be honest you could probably knock one up yourself, they are a little arcaic.
  11. twautomotive

    twautomotive Silver Level Sponsor


    Car and engine are located in Orland Park (Southwest suburb of Chicago).
  12. bbonner

    bbonner Donation Time

    Do you have a rearview mirror and will it fit an early 64 Series alpine
  13. bobw

    bobw Donation Time

    Hi Tom,

    I tried to send you a PM, but it says your box is full. I'm still interested in the bumperettes and turn signal switch if you've had a chance to take some photos.

    Bob W.
  14. twautomotive

    twautomotive Silver Level Sponsor


    Hello all-
    I am writing this to apologize for my slow responses. Matt and I are working on his first car - an Alpine of course. He wants that car finished NOW and I have a hard time getting to parting out the other car. Hopefully some pictures of the parts will be taken and sent out this week.
    Sunbeam restoration is not a sprint....it's a marathon.
  15. dougjonesil

    dougjonesil Donation Time

    parts request

    I am looking for a turn signal indicator.


  16. lunnon1

    lunnon1 Donation Time

    Do you have the electronic tachometer?

  17. motor man

    motor man Donation Time

    headlite rims

    have you got a good pair? I just bought a series 4 that are missing, let me know when you get a chance, thanx,,steve,,,,motor man
  18. lunnon1

    lunnon1 Donation Time

    do you have a tach?

  19. e.philohfour

    e.philohfour Guest

    Series V

    I'm looking for a rt. front fender. Rust behind the wheel well is KO but the front and head light area needs to be good. Thanks Phil
  20. liveforeverZ

    liveforeverZ Guest

    By any chance have a clean driver's side floor pan??



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