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Need expert eyes

Discussion in 'General SAOCA Discussions' started by Hungrybunny_1, May 28, 2021.

  1. Hungrybunny_1

    Hungrybunny_1 Donation Time

    I will post some photos of my new sunbeam alpine series one purchase. I’m 17 and don’t know much about sunbeams yet here’s the info I have before the pictures. The plate mounted in engine compartment says “sunbeam Talbot” and the vin is B9000627. It was owned by the late Ron Tebo who I have gathered was a involved member in many forums and clubs. The body number is 630 if I remember correctly. I have suspicions that the engine has been replaced but I’m not positive. Anything you all can tell me about the sunbeam thats not stock or anything interesting that could have slipped by me would be appreciated. Thank you all for your help! ( the last photos are of a strap holding up the rear axle... is that stock? )


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  2. husky drvr

    husky drvr Platinum Level Sponsor


    At this point, a non original engine would not be a surprise. Check the block serial number on the pad just to the front of the oil filter base. If it doesn't match the car VIN, it's been changed. If different, then post the number and someone should be able to ID the engine's OE usage.

    The strap on the rear axle is fitted as original equipment but I think yours is a reproduction. To the best of my knowledge, the strap's main purpose is to prevent damage to the lever shocks due to over extension.

    A page section from the link on the home page to the Workshop Manual #124

  3. Hungrybunny_1

    Hungrybunny_1 Donation Time

    You are completely right, I have never seen anything like it before so was unsure of it’s duty. Thank you for the VIN location as well I will check on that tomorrow.

  4. beamdream

    beamdream Silver Level Sponsor

    Engine bay photos look typical for Series 1, VIN number looks right but check engine number as suggested, look in the tech info at top of forum for further information. Seats look like later model.
  5. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    I would guess at replacement engine at some point....

    The engine bay photo shows a series II header tank that came out almost 2.5 years after your VIN.. 630 is a veey early SI.

    Also the seats are from a series V.. An upgarde as they are much more comfortable and adjustable... But i would guess the tracks have been modofoed to fit them
  6. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    Also the straps ( rebound straps) were fitted to all si-ii with lever arm shocks.. Its stops the lever arm over extending when the car is raised. Yours appear to havw been replaced.
  7. Hungrybunny_1

    Hungrybunny_1 Donation Time

    I have searched further into the car and found a quarter sized hole in the bottom of the bell housing, should I replace the whole thing or weld a steel cover over the hole? One photo I have attached shows what I think is the mount for a driver side mirror , the passenger side mirror is a bullet mirror is this side the same deal? I also have pictured what I think is an exhaust cover of some sort, doesn’t seem to fit on my series one. Thanks for your advice and knowledge everyone.

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  8. sunalp

    sunalp Diamond Level Sponsor

    Unless you know how to weld aluminum you won't be able to weld over the hole. There is supposed to be a hole in the
    bell housing to let moisture and oil out. Post a pic of the hole.

    That could be a mirror mount, but I've never seen a bullet type with a mount like that.

    That's not an exhaust piece. That covers the steering column and the turn signal stalk, and overdrive
    stalk stick out of the holes. If you don't have O/D there's usually a plug on the small hole. By the way
    the elongated hole (that goes up and down) is for the turn signal stalk.

    Not sure what the chrome part is, but it doesn't go there. Doesn't look bad though!
  9. puff4

    puff4 Diamond Level Sponsor

    Yeah, Steve, that bit is indeed a Lucas mirror mount, for the kind that are spring mounted to prevent snapping off (which in this case appears not to have worked!). The bit poking up is the spring hook that would normally pull down on the mirror stalk.
  10. Hungrybunny_1

    Hungrybunny_1 Donation Time

    Ahh okay, I believe the hole under the bell housing had expanded a bit but now I’m not concerned. The mirror is unfortunate I will have to order another bullet mirror to match the passenger side. The chrome piece appears to have been in a package with the steering column cover, it does seem to fit but I haven’t fully installed yet. Slowly but surely this car is coming together.

    Thanks Puff and Sunlap!
  11. Hungrybunny_1

    Hungrybunny_1 Donation Time

    Heres a photo of the hole, should there be plug in it? Or do all of your cars just have it open? Thanks for your help :)

    Attached Files:

  12. puff4

    puff4 Diamond Level Sponsor

    Looks like either the original hole was damaged and opened up, or it might be a casting defect. Either way, its nothing at all to worry about. You have more important things to work on. This will nave zero effect on the car's driveability.
  13. Hungrybunny_1

    Hungrybunny_1 Donation Time

    That’s all I needed to hear,
    Thanks Puff!
  14. puff4

    puff4 Diamond Level Sponsor

    You're welcome. It's Kevin, BTW. Cheers!
  15. Hungrybunny_1

    Hungrybunny_1 Donation Time

    In another thread someone mentioned a brake caliper kit from Napa, does it work for the original calipers? I have seen the ones from SS but if I could find one locally it would cut down on costs. The seals are old as well as the hoses, has anyone found a modern brake line that works or is ordering them in still the best bet?
    Last edited: May 29, 2021
  16. Hillman

    Hillman Gold Level Sponsor

    I doubt Napa has caliper kits for Alpines, but don't know. I've done 4 calipers with SS kits, they fit well and aren't expensive. I also bought front hoses from SS (which you may be able so source locally but for an extra $10 or so per hose I just buy from SS). I know they fit. As for lines, they are easy to make from nickel-copper stock with an inexpensive flaring tool. Gives you some satisfaction from doing it yourself.
  17. Hungrybunny_1

    Hungrybunny_1 Donation Time

    Thanks Hillman, I haven’t been able to get in touch with SS so I was wondering what comes with the caliper kit? I’m hoping it’s everything I need because almost everything except for the caliper and bolts needs to be replaced.
  18. Hillman

    Hillman Gold Level Sponsor

    The basic kit contains the piston to caliper-body seals and boots for the pistons. If they pistons are not in good shape (pitted, scored) SS has them separately. If you split the calipers (which isn't recommended but I have done it) SS has the seals that go between the halfs available separately.

    If yours calipers have the pads installed I doubt you'd need any other parts other than the pads.
  19. Hungrybunny_1

    Hungrybunny_1 Donation Time

    I finally cleaned the engine compartment and found the engines VIN. It is certainly not the original engine with a vin of B3009155 ( appears to have been restamped also ). I believe that means its a series V engine in a series I. Good thing I found out before I ordered parts. Also i found the Vin behind the driver seat and it reads RAS 0001091 havent found anything attached to that number or that resembles it but anyway... Thanks everyone.
  20. RootesRacer

    RootesRacer Donation Time

    The RAS is the chassis ID stamp from Armstrong Siddley. It doesnt mean much of anything.

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