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Mystery part on Series II


Diamond Level Sponsor
I found this on the firewall behind the clutch pedal, it will hold the clutch peddle in the depress position. Is this stock?, it looks like it has always been there.

Gary T

Gold Level Sponsor
Mystery Part Series II

Yes that is a stock part and I have it on my Series II. Not sure when you would use it, but it does hold down the clutch pedal.


Donation Time
Was for if the car goes into long term store, so that the clutch doesn't bind itself to the flywheel over long periods of inactivity

Jay Laifman

Platinum Level Sponsor
Interesting. I had assumed it was for holding the clutch pedal down while doing a gravity bleed.


Donation Time
My SV doesn't have that... either discontinued, or PO removed... My first guess was a secondary safety to hold the pedal down while hand cranking.