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LX9 Alpine

Discussion in 'Modified Alpine' started by shapeshaver, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. shapeshaver

    shapeshaver Donation Time

    Missing Pics

    Well I did some modifications on the LX9 Alpine website so I will have to update the pics here on this thread now. I wasn't thinking about this when I did it. Until I get it done, you can see all of them here LX9Alpine.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2014
  2. shapeshaver

    shapeshaver Donation Time

    I have started making a list of all the parts necessary to convert the LX9 V6 from front wheel drive to our rear wheel drive orientation. The parts list and links for the engine components can be found here;


    And the transmission and drive train parts can be found here;


    These lists are not complete right now, but I will fill them in further as I get the components. Please feel free to mention anything I have not listed yet and I will put it on the appropriate page. There are a few great places to find out information about the LX9 and how to modify it, swap it, and where/what to look for when sourcing one. I will post those links as well. The goal would be to post all the information needed to perform a V6 swap using the LX9 engine so anyone interested in the swap, or actually performing this swap in their alpine can use it as a resource. When I or someone else has completed the swap successfully, we can also post an article here on SAOCA.
  3. shapeshaver

    shapeshaver Donation Time

    Solid axle or IRS?

    I am looking at my options of using either a narrowed solid axle like the 8" or a IRS setup that I obtained out of a Lexus IS300 as shown here:


    Weight is a deciding factor for me. I want to keep the weight of the car down as much as possible. I was going to use coil-over shocks anyway so that is not a deciding factor. I am not leaning either way on this and would like to hear of others opinions and experiences with IRS setups in a sunbeam. Examples? Weight comparisons? I like the idea of the improved handling this could provide.

    Any thoughts?
  4. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    No weight comparison. But I can tell you a stock width 8", open differential, with backing plates but no drums, weighs 155 pounds. That is ten pounds more than the stock Alpine.

    That Lexus unit would hard for me to say "No" to. A lot of goodies and a good ratio, just laying around. Any idea how much it weighs?

  5. bashby

    bashby Donation Time

    Add about 22# for an Auburn LSD on the Ford 8"
  6. shapeshaver

    shapeshaver Donation Time

    IS300 IRS Weight

    Bill, I need to figure out a way to weigh it. It probably weighs a little less than that, but the sub frame is quite beefy so I may be mistaken. It has nice rotors and integrated little drum brakes that are cable actuated for the emergency brake.

    Bashby, So apples to apples, add 20# for the LSD and I'm not sure if the disk brakes would add or subtract from that total.
  7. Bill Blue

    Bill Blue Platinum Level Sponsor

    I put Saturn rear discs on my 8", I'd guess they weigh about 20 lbs total. So you'd be at 200 pounds with virtually no brackets.

    Last edited: Jun 5, 2014
  8. shapeshaver

    shapeshaver Donation Time

    This Lexus unit comes with 12" non vented rotors and a 2 piston caliper. It has some good components, but it is NOT an easy solution. I would have to figure out all the correct geometry and build custom control arms and the framework. I also don't want to cut up my car. (if I wanted to do that I would have bulit an Alger...)

    BUT, I could end up with something compact like this one from team321.com.

    Last edited: Jun 6, 2014
  9. shapeshaver

    shapeshaver Donation Time

  10. bohemianway

    bohemianway Donation Time

    Glad to see the IRS

    I have been pondering this for a couple of years using the ford 8.8IRS and custom links. The one pictured in yellow appears to be a Lincoln center section. Now all I need to do is find a good Alpine ( my SV is to nice to cut up) for the conversion. I already have the 8.8 in 3.73L and shortened half shafts.

  11. shapeshaver

    shapeshaver Donation Time

    Since I have the IRS from the IS300 I may as well play around with it and see what it would take to install it in the Alpine. I want to make an IRS sub-frame/cradle that will bolt into the leaf spring mounting holes similar to these examples for kit Cobras;


    and HERE:

    I would love to be able to fit the Lexus sub-frame in the Alpine, but I think I would have to cut out some sheet metal, the battery box for sure, all of which I don't want to do.

    Any experience in this area out there? Thoughts?

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