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looking for a good wiring diagram for a series 5


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I liked using the WSM diagram as it has the wire colours indicated by letters, so very helpful with gages, lights etc. Along with that I used the coloured diagram from Mike, because it made tracing the wires from one point to the other much easier than just the black lines of the WSM.
Almost completed my rewire from Rebel.


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Something I found helpful for laying on my back with my head forced under the dash. I took a set of lawn chair cushions and lay them on the floor passenger and driver side. It sure helped me. BTW getting on your back and under the dash isn't easy, the bad news is getting out.

Jay Laifman

Donation Time
A very long time ago, I made many copies of the wiring diagrams in the manual I had. Then I took one and a few highlighters, and traced out the wires of each item. Like a page with the lights and signals highlighted, a page with the fuse box highlighted, etc. It really helped make each thing pop in my mind.