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Left gas tank - modified with SW fuel tank sending unit $175

Discussion in 'Alpine Cars and Parts For Sale' started by boss-tiger, Nov 24, 2022.

  1. boss-tiger

    boss-tiger Gold Level Sponsor

    Restored left gas tank, very good condition, inside looked like new before coating (hot tanked, muriatic acid cleaned, coated inside with Red-Kote, spray painted outside). Has been modified with Stewart Warner gas tank sending unit (included). I restored with original tanks because this modification was done very well previously and thinking someone with V6 or Alger swap may be using Stewart Warner gauges. Pulled out of Tiger I have now and didn't know it was even converted, car had multiple challenges so never paid much attention to gas gauge (probably only drove it 100 miles before pulling out the engine and non-op since) but from memory the gauge worked (have no clue re. accuracy). Looked up Ohm's on SW which are different than stock Sunbeam so assume you already know that. These sending units show up on ebay often if you ever need to replace the sending unit (new one now listed for $46 FYI). Hope of value/help to someone - FYI, also have a reconditioned right original tank I could sell also.
  2. boss-tiger

    boss-tiger Gold Level Sponsor

    Will accept offers, trades, ? has anyone seen this done before. Would assume a perfect solution to convert to SW gauges

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