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Jose V6 Motor Mounts

Paul A

Alpine Registry Curator
Platinum Level Sponsor
I recently bought a new set of motor mounts from Rich Gordon for Jose's V6 setup. Rich sent me the following:

If others are looking for the mount bushings, I can make more. Perhaps you could post a message for anyone looking for them.

These are harder and more durable than the originals. Comments from others and my own experience have been that the additional hardness hasn't caused any noticeable additional vibration.

contact him at rich.allen.gordon@gmail.com
Paul, It seems much easier to purchase my engine mounts as replacements then have a very nice readily available rubber mount that is available from about any Auto Store.

These rubber supports are a proven component of the automotive industry. I have never had one to fail like I did with the Jose ones that came in the kits and even some replacements he sent.

Anchor 2424 Rubber mount cost about $10. ea
1718077147348.jpegV6 Eng Mounts w Anchor 2424 Rubber Buscuits by DanR      20170113_165839 (2019_10_21 22_31_34 ...jpg
I can attest that the DanR mounts are well made and smartly designed.

As for those with Jose mounts, I mentioned in this post from 2021 how Jose biscuits appear to be 57 Chevy mounts minus about 3/8”. I suppose for a little extra firmness you could upgrade to poly bushings.
Dan: do your mounts work with the original Jose kit? My SIV has his kit already welded to the frame (by Jim E, a very long time ago!) but the rubber mounts have been sitting in a box for far more years than I care to count.
I haven't had any problem with Joses mounts. Ive been using the original pair for over 20 years. Just my 2 cents.
Same here. Just considering an engine swap to a bored out .40 over 2.8 and if I do the swap I wanted new motor mounts. I have had no issues with the original Jose mounts.
I haven't had any problem with Joses mounts. Ive been using the original pair for over 20 years. Just my 2 cents.
Jose had a bad batch of biscuits about 10 years ago or so. My car's mounts went cracked and mushy about 5 years ago, so I went searching for an alternate solution.
I installed the new motor mounts yesterday. It was not difficult and the job was completed in about an hour and a half - and that includes a couple of short coffee breaks. I used the new mounts I bought from Rich Gordon for the original Jose motor mounts. I saw no need to weld in different mounts.