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Interior padded roll


Bronze Level Sponsor
Hey, has anyone installed the SS padded roll that goes under the soft top boot? It's SS part no. UK74S. I managed to get the clips in the slots, but I don't know what to do with the ends. Rick says the chrome B posts clamp over them, but they seem to be to fat and too long. I assume I need to trim them somehow and maybe glue the vinyl down, but there is no obvious way to do that.


Donation Time
That was one of the more finicky pieces to install and make look good for me too.
I took scissors and snipped the foam at about a 45* angle about 1.5" back so it wasn't so thick at the end. After that, I folded the top and bottom edges to the middle and snipped the little triangles of material off, not going back as far as the hardboard tho... you don't want that raw edge to show when you're done. The heat gun helped here, softening the material so I could stretch and pull it tight. I didn't get the contact cement back out to glue the flap I had left to the hardboard backing... That would be the right way.. I used a couple of pieces of double-sided carpet tape to hold the flap down while I got the end clips back in and the B pillar caps on.