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Ignition Switch?


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Trying to get my 1965 Beam back on the road after letting it sit for many years. It ran just fine before putting her in the barn.

I did the usual procedures prior to startup and bought a new battery. At first the switch DID turn the motor over. Then the switch would not activate the starter.

The starter relay had gone bad and was replaced, checked the fuses, examined the wires under dash (no melted or burned).

Used a remote starter switch, and it turns over fine.... but won't using the ignition switch.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Remove and clean all your connections at the ignition switch and add some electrical grease when reconnecting. Since it worked before, sounds like you have an open circuit (bad connection) at the switch.

Tom H

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Pull the red/white wire off the ignition switch and touch it to the Brown wire on the ignition switch. If the starter cranks, then, indeed, the problem is in the Ignition switch. But if it does not crank, the problem is in the wire or the starter solenoid.


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Will try all suggestions. Tks much to all. We are out of town for the holiday and will be back at it later this week. I just realized I can't contort under the dashboard like the old days. LOLz