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Discussion in 'Northeast Tri-State Chapter' started by ralphyboy, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. ralphyboy

    ralphyboy Donation Time

    I joined this forum recently, in hopes of learning more about these cars, and ultimately getting one for myself. I've been looking on ebay for one, but was disappointed to find one in Phila, but it wouldn't start when i got there to see it.
    Is there anyone in the North Jersey area that I can meet to show me their car, and give me a ride in it to give me an idea of what they are like?
    I have been a corvette owner for many years, and I'm on a forum for that, but these sunbeams really intrigue me.
  2. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    Hi Ralphy,

    I would suggest getting hold of Bob Sharkey. He lives in Jersy, and I´m sure he´d love showing you jis Alpine. The only thing, is that it has a 2.8 Ford V6, and five speed. He lives about mid coast, so shouldn´t be too far from you.


  3. ralphyboy

    ralphyboy Donation Time

    Thanks, but how do I find him? His name is not listed in the members list. Do you know his screen name?
  4. V6 JOSE

    V6 JOSE Donation Time

    Hi Ralphy,

    If you´ll send me an e-mail, I will send you his, so you can communicate with him. My mailing address is:

    mejarodriguez**@** yahoo.com

    Just remove the asteriscs.

  5. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time

    bob and judy also have a low mileage,all original series 5. carnival red/ black interior.
  6. sunalp

    sunalp Platinum Level Sponsor

    Hi Ralphy,

    I have three Alpines, one in restoration, one waiting restoration and one driver
    that's currently on the road. I'm in Dutchess County, not too far from Northern NJ. You're probably about an hour or so and are more than welcome to come over & check out the cars!

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