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Harrington Gathering UK May 21st 2023


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To all Harrington owners, there will be a Harrington Gathering next year. This will include all Harrington buses and cars. Visitors from the US will be welcome. Let's see how many cars we can get together! GlennB

Roger Thomas

Following on from the excellent past Harrington Gatherings organised by David Hurley and in conjunction with the Amberley Chalk Pits Museum, we have chosen to carry on the good work and take the show “on the road” as it were.
“The Harrington Gathering comes to Wythall” will be held on the 21st May 2023 at the Wythall Transport Museum, just south of Birmingham. The museum – which incidentally is a quite excellent day out in its own right - has kindly offered to host our event and offered full use of their facilities.
We already have a good number of confirmed bus and coaches confirmed as attending, but it would be excellent to have a good representation of cars, miniatures and commercials that were produced by the Hove-based coachbuilder.
So, if you have a car, or would just like further details, please feel free to contact me through Facebook Messenger, or by email to harrington.gathering@hotmail.com.
As with the Amberley Gatherings, this is likely to be run on a “once in every five years” basis, making this event one not to be missed!
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Yes. Just a bit unfortunate that the timing is not close enough to the next Spares Day. Appearantly I'ld need to make a choice here...