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Getting back on the track


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To Jerry, Steve and my other US friends, I have finally managed to get my HLM back on the track after a gap of 5 years. In that time I blew up the engine and got made redundant so there have been a few challenges along the way. One challenge has been the technical preparation according to the "blue book" which I have had to do all myself. I'm no Mario Andretti and I was concerned about protecting the engine so the video may not appear to be very exciting. A SAOC member happened to be at the track and filmed some of the action. I was planning to keep it all a bit more secret. I had the smallest engine on the day by some margin, was running slippery Dunlop historic tyres and the brake servo started holding the brakes on for several seconds at a time. Given the constant wet weather I was pleased to stay on the track. Lapped 3 times by a 3.5 Litre Morgan V8 in both races I none-the-less got 2 satisfactory signatures on my race upgrade card. Just two more and I can rip up my novice sticker - roll on 2020!

Bill Blue

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I'm no Mario Andretti
That is a good thing. For years, the most famous four words at Indy were not "Gentlemen, start your engines", but "Mario is slowing down". You seem to be much better aligned with Al Unser Sr, who's motto was "If you don't finish, you can't win."

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Fantastic Glenn!! What a wonderful film Tim!! Get the sputter out of the system and maybe the Red Marvel HLM will elevate your thrill just to be on the track.