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For Jerry and Steve who missed out on Prescott 2020


Silver Level Sponsor
This was going to be a special time with guests from the USA visiting Europe and experiencing the 2020 Prescott hillclimb, Beaulieu autojumble and other things. This is the full video (not HD, sorry) of the Prescott hill from last year, 2019, just so you can see what we missed.


No apologies for taking it easy in the video, you have to drive to and from the event and that is a 240 mile round trip on top of the hill itself. Last year I over-pushed and had to drive home with failing brakes - my son was less than impressed - he doesn't want me to leave him the Harrington in my will. A good Alpine will knock 10 seconds off this time. At least my exhaust sounds good. The Charity day out at Prescott is a really good fun way to start the years activities. A selection of 200 cars from all ages run the hill for charity. They all must be road legal and drive to and from the event. The site is owned by the Bugatti Owners Club and they have their engineering museum there. Highlight of the day is the stand selling bacon butties, a culinary delight no tourist should leave the country without trying. Let's raise our glasses for another attempt next year!


Platinum Level Sponsor
Thanks Glen. I was thinking about the adventure today while I worked on a Holbay/Weber intake modification. To think you were going to let me have a go when you all needed to get back home. I've already got my cash points from Norwegian Air for the canceled flights. I will book for May 2021 if the World gets right side up by then.


Silver Level Sponsor
Hi Dan, none of the official series allow any mods from standard. The only allowances are mini lite wheels instead of standard steel or wires up to 5.5J and one series limits them to 5J. I race on historic Dunlop Tyres which even I manage to slide. We can also use twin 40 DCOE's as they were optionally available on the Harringtons, and also used by the Brabham prepared Le Mans cars. I have stuck with my 1600 as the folks who change to 1725 get pushed up against Lotus Cortinas and Alfas. Keeping my car original means I have the best choice of events - if I had the resources to enter them! There are occasionally some independent track events without limits as long as the body is Alpine - like the Sunbeam Challenge - but that hasn't run for a number of years. GB


Diamond Level Sponsor
Thanks for enlightening me! I was going to offer you a set of my rear disc brackets in case you could go that route.


Silver Level Sponsor
The event looks great and a really nice course! I sure hope you had fun as I would have loved to have been there.
Sadly, Mt Washington was cancelled for us. I am a bit dubious we'll have Mt Equinox. Oh well... I can get some maintenance done this year.