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Foothills British Car Club - Easley SC


Diamond Level Sponsor
Didn't know of the event schedule til late.... attended it 14 Sept and they had probably 40 British cars there at the height of the day.

Only Sunbeam Alpine present was my Blue Boy V6. They put me on the extreme outside of the parking along with a member and his TR. We felt like the little redhead step children Ha!

Lots of folks came over to discuss their knowledge and experiences with the Alpine and Tiger.

During some of the discussions I learned of several Alpine in the area that may be for sale and one gent in particular gave me his contact info on 3 tigers he has for sale and many other Sports vehicles (about 35 all total).

Great to be singled out the way I was because it PAID OFF:)

Sammy Maw showed up in his little Blue MG midget. I told him I was disappointed He did not drive his Alpine:) Found out it was having a Webber rebuild problem.

Met some nice enthusiast !


  • Blue Boy at Foothills Event Duncan SC  Sept 14, 2019           20190914_111045.jpg
    Blue Boy at Foothills Event Duncan SC Sept 14, 2019 20190914_111045.jpg
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