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Floor pans in plan

Discussion in 'Factory Original Alpines & Tigers' started by windlessdog, Aug 5, 2020.

  1. windlessdog

    windlessdog Donation Time

    Gday to all I'm curious as to wether anyone has done a detailed plan with measurements etc of the Alpines front floors , this would be really useful for owners like myself that only have half a floor to work from and currently no access to a clean original car to do my own.
    Cheers Andy
  2. absunbeam

    absunbeam Gold Level Sponsor

    Are there any blueprints in the Rootes archive that may give that?
  3. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time

    Andy ill send you an email
  4. windlessdog

    windlessdog Donation Time

    That would be great Michael
    I'm keen to make some for the car during the stage 4 lockdown for next 6 weeks and if I can beat out new floors it will help with the frustration of not being able to do all of life's normal stuff.
  5. windlessdog

    windlessdog Donation Time

    image.jpeg I had a practice go at knocking up a floor pan for the left side , it's in complete and most likely incorrect as I still don't have a lot of info on the originals but I'm curing my boredom if anyone has the blueprint mentioned above they could share that would be great
    Cheers Andy
  6. Alpine 1789

    Alpine 1789 SAOCA President Diamond Level Sponsor

    windlessdog likes this.

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