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Fender badges

Discussion in 'Harrington Alpine' started by Limey, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. DanR

    DanR Diamond Level Sponsor


    Just sent you a PM....
  2. Limey

    Limey Gold Level Sponsor

    Hi Clive - Great news.
    If you would entrust me with your badge I will get the ball rolling again.

    I am also nearly ready to have remade the Harrington script. They are tricky due to the angled sides and need 4 dimensional water jet cutting. The chroming and polishing is tricky as well. I have yet to get a per unit cost but I don't suppose it will be cheap.

    My PM box is cleared down now so drop me a line.

    All the best

  3. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time


    do you know who made the Harrington scripts that were with the car I bought from Ian Spencer. they have not been polished or chromed.
  4. jdoclogan

    jdoclogan Platinum Level Sponsor


    I am also interested in two of your badges when the run is done. Thank you for your efforts.

    NN LeMans
    1962 Sunbeam Harrington Le Mans
    1966 Avanti

    NN Le Mans, I noted that you list a Harrington Le Mans in your stable of cars. Just to refine which badge is being reproduced. I misunderstood the post from last year and sent Oliver a Harrington Le Mans badge. He graciously excepted the badge, but returned it clarifying he was reproducing the Harrington Alpine badge not the Harrington Le Mans badge. Because Oliver will have a high quality Harrington Badge made you may want a set for display or better yet get a Harrington Alpine needing badges.
  5. Limey

    Limey Gold Level Sponsor


    Sorry, no but I have an aluminium copy which was kindly given to me by Bill A.

    Was yours an aluminium item or S/steel?

    Best regards

  6. jdoclogan

    jdoclogan Platinum Level Sponsor

    For more clarification between a Harrington Alpine badge and a Harrington Le Mans badge I've attached photos. Red background is Harrington Alpine - Silver background is Harrington Le Mans badge.

    Attached Files:

  7. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time


    the Harrington scripts I have are aluminum and have not been plated. did Ian have them made?
  8. alpineclive

    alpineclive Gold Level Sponsor

    Fender Badge

    Hi Oliver

    Good to hear you again...the badge is on its way to me from the seller and should be here in the next couple of days. To be clear this is the Harrington Alpine Badge like this

    Attached Files:

  9. jdoclogan

    jdoclogan Platinum Level Sponsor

    Nice work Clive!
  10. Limey

    Limey Gold Level Sponsor

    HA Fender Badges

    Update (apologies for the many months gap but the resto was frozen so I could focus on business and the house.

    Back in 2013 when I looked into this I was unaware that Harrington fender badges differed -HLM badges (Yellow) HA's red. Because of that many HLM ers placed orders. Please accept my apologies but what am having made is not HLM compatible.

    Just to clarify, I am having red HA badges remade. (tumbleweed silence from the HLM chaps in the US:eek:) Sorry lads.

    However, any HA owners that want to hold a pair of these for whenever, please drop me a line ASAP


  11. ryanneptune

    ryanneptune Donation Time

    badges and clutch

    my Dad and I were just discussing chrystler badges.. I bought a 67 Sunbeam about 10 years ago for him to replace the rodded out one my Brother destroyed of my Dads car

    Anyway his original Alpine he bought brand new in 67 had a Chrystler emblem on the side panel but I have not seen any since. We discussed this at length and have picture it was purchased brand new zero miles and it came with it... Is this consistent?

    If so where can I get one to match

    Also I have mega question about Clutch... OMGsh I can not get the transmission to be freed up its about 2.5 inches freed but the bell housing hits the firewall and more specifically where the starter is bolted on whereas the reveal of the transmission will not let it release... Please any thoughts
  12. alpine_64

    alpine_64 Donation Time


    It might be better for you to start a new thread as this is about the reproduction of the Harrington alpine badges.

    As to your question, all series V alpines had the Chrysler pentstar on 1 side towards the sill, there are several types available from various models, but only 1 correct for the late alpines/ tigers.

    The clutch question should also be a separate thread.. And I'm a little confused by your comments the bell housing is hitting the firewall? Start a new thread in the factory alpine section and we can start to help
  13. 65beam

    65beam Donation Time


    if your engine is mounted correctly on the front engine mounts and your bell housing is setting against the fire wall it's possible that you could have the bell housing and trans from the arrow range starting in 1968. the bell housing is several inches deeper than series alpines and on the starter sets in a different location.
  14. Limey

    Limey Gold Level Sponsor


    Sorry for the loooonng delay. Life gets in the way. Anyhoo...

    I am dropping Clive's original fender badge off to the makers this week (1st weeks holiday in 12 months).

    All things being equal I will have them back end of Jan/mid Feb.

    Question is how many? I don't know so I'm gong to make 20 pairs. That should be enough for the next decade.

    Those of you who showed an original interest will be offered first refusal obviously. If you've changed your mind due to the delay then no problem.

    I'll keep you all posted


    fender old type.jpg
  15. Limey

    Limey Gold Level Sponsor

    HA Fender badges

    Hi to everyone that ordered,

    At last I have received the remade wing badges and they are spot on. I hope you will agree? Please note, the old badge 'rim' colour was very faded almost to transparency so the makers (who have been doing this for years) calculated the original un-faded colour based on experience.

    I will drop you all a line for your addresses in the next week or so or email me instead

    I have a couple of pairs remaining which I'll put on ebay soon


    paired fenders.jpg

    Last edited: Mar 15, 2016

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