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I was searching for something else when I tripped over this old post by Nick.

He usually posted a humorous post every week. Miss those posts.

Bringing this one BTTP for some new chuckles.

Be forewarned, it might not be SFW depending on your hearing.

Nick's posted link still functions.
Don, I was just at the Goodwood Revival last September. Nothing like the three Spitfires providing everyone a magnificent show at 8 am doing maneuvers over the old air field. No one was that close to the flying planes. Sheeeesh!!! What the .........
No one was that close to the flying planes. Sheeeesh!!!


Nick's clip wasn't an airshow. It was a single pilot, with plane, contracted to do a low level fly-by for the opening clip of a documentary about the Spitfire. I just don't think the film crew knew much about the pilot. The terrain is a bit deceptive as well because it seems there is a steady, gentle ground rise from about the time the plane appears on screen.

The following link is to a video about a stunt the same pilot did for a tv series eight years before this fly-by. It's narrated by his daughter and gives some background info.

Hope this is helpful,